047 Twilight Saga Podcast – Wrapping Up Breaking Dawn

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 30, 2011

in Twilight Saga Podcast

In this episode, Stephanie and I give our review of the final chapters of Breaking Dawn.

We also shared shared some thoughts about Midnight Sun, the draft of the book that is the retelling of Twilight from Edward's point of view.

We also used this episode to announce, for the very first time, that we are about to launch a brand new podcast devoted to “The Hunger Games.” You can check out that podcast at http://HungerGamesPodcast.com

We will be back with new episodes of the The Twilight Saga Podcast to review the Breaking Dawn Movies when they come out. Also, we have had a lot of discussion about the fact that we may come back and do a re-read of the Twilight Saga where we can both review the story from the perspective of already knowing the entire story.

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  • Sia

    I love your Twilight podcast ! I like the Hunger Game books but I’m not that crazy about it so I’m sorry I’m going to skip that one. How about the Host ? Well thanks guys !¬†

  • We have the Book, Haven’t read it yet. :)

  • Tifayfay1

    nice i love the book series  twilight i am hooked

  • Glad to have you listening to the podcast. Thanks so much for letting us know you are out there!

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