090 Business Tech Weekly – The Perfect URL Shortening Tool?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 28, 2011

in Business Tech Weekly

In this episode of Business Tech Weekly, Cliff flies solo as Andy takes some time off this week to rest and recover from not feeling well.

Here are the links for the items mentioned in this episode:

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  • Tony

    Cliff – be careful with Pretty Link.  I used it for a LONG time and LOVED it until I had a conflict with my WP theme and it would not work.  I lost all of my shortened links ALONG with the actual link of where it went.  My suggestion to Pat Flynn who I talked to about this was to keep a backup of your link locations just in case Pretty Link were to go away. 

  • Wow. I appreciate the word of caution. I imagine that if you had been sending yourself weekly backups of your WordPress Database, you could have found a way to dig into the portion of the database that showed what pretty links were set up and where they were pointed to.

    I’ve been using Pretty Links for a few years and haven’t experience an issue yet. Though I will certainly keep an eye on things.. Thanks for the heads up.

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