092 Business Tech Weekly – To App Or Not To App? – Recurly – E-Commerce

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 11, 2011

in Business Tech Weekly

In this episode of Business Tech Weekly, Cliff and Andy discuss the following:

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  • Bob Jordan

    Earlier this summer I spent time looking at recurring billing services: CheddarGetter.com, Chargify.com. Recurly.com, and Spreedly.com. Ultimate I decided that this model did not work for my business, but Spreedily looked the most attractive to me and I even setup an account and played with it for a bit.

    Spreedly charges $19 per month plus .20 per transaction and works with a number of gateways including PayPal Website Payments Pro.

    I used to use Google Checkout in addition to PayPal. Customers must have a Google account to use Google Checkout so I don’t think it is a viable single payment option. They also have terrible report generation.

  • Rabbi Steve Vale

    Another great valuable info-packed episode. Thanks. BTW, just FYI Libsyn DOES have apps in the iTunes app store. I have at least three of them: the Tii app, Comic Geek Speak app, and I think Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting app. However, Apple is NO LONGER accepting these. So as of now, Libsyn only creates Android OS apps. Oh, the irony.

  • Bob, thank you for this valuable additional information!

  • That is interesting. I really hate how Apple does that stuff. They are so wishy washy on these sort of things. I bet you can still get a fart app squeezed in there. :*(

  • Bob Jordan

    In my opinion, there is a rising star in the ecommerce field: Goodsie.com. It is not as customizable via CSS like Big Cartel, but it is super quick to setup and customize. More importantly, they use Fetch (fetchapp.com) to do handle digital downloads. Fetch is one of the few shopping cart/digital download solutions that allows you to send out updates and the only one that does it without charging an additional fee (e.g. E-Junkie). Shopify also uses Fetch, so if your store outgrows Goodsie, it would be relatively easy to transition to Shopify.

    I have been an E-Junkie customer for years and my company is even listed on their example stores page. However, I just made the jump to Shopify. If I were starting today, I would start with Goodsie.

  • Thanks Bob. Sounds like you found something you like a lot. Do they offer Affiliate sales support?

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