100 Social Media Serenity – Not Crazy About Google Plus Just Yet

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 28, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, Cliff and Erik discuss the following:

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  • Congratulations on the 100th Episode.  

    I am sorry to say that I found myself wanting to scream at the mp3 player.  Some of your information on Google + was either wrong or just poorly researched.  A simple look at settings or the help pages would have so enlightened you about the service.  Your comments on Chat, Group chat (huddles via browser), SMS alerts, re-share restrictions, etc. Cliff, your Holes and Gaps and lack of experience with hangouts are your own fault for not jumping in and giving it a fighting chance with a larger community. PLEASE do a little more research and revisit this once you have some real more informed experience with the service. 
    As a podcast on social media I would expect a more extensive and accurate review from you guys. Maybe include reviews of plug-ins, extensions, integration with Twitter and Facebook.  And I know you are in love with Twitter, but woud you be so in love without services like BufferApp, Tweetdeck, Hootesuite, etc?  Using Twitter in a browser, or multiple browsers for multiple accounts, is so exhausting especially when there is so much noise.  I have no plans to abandon Facebook or Twitter, but I did not think I would abandon MySpace, JCFAith, Xainz, Livejournal, classmates.com,  MyBlogLog, or many of the Google and Yahoo groups that I once participated more actively in.In the end I believe we will all continue to go where our friends go or we will electronically alienate ourselves from a certain segment of our real friends and some of our social media “friends”.  This process is not unlike when we were teens.  We went were the girls were. In this case we go where the crowd is or we end up being left out of some really good conversations and opportunities.   Congrats agains…I look forward to another review on Google + once you decide to go into the water above your knees.Hank Osbornehttp://DaddyLife.net

  • It was a great post and I am thankful that you are okay with us sharing it in the podcast!

  • Hank, @TheOzz:twitter 

    Wow, that’s some pretty harsh, an very public, criticism there. Luckiliy, I’ve been at this for five and a half years and have produced more than 2,700 podcast episodes just like this one and, as a result, am fully prepared to receive this type of negative feedback about the way I might choose to cover any particular subsject on one of my podcasts.

    First off, I want to thank you for being passionate enough about my content to not only listen to it, but to write such a lengthy piece of feedback regarding what was shared.

    As is always the case with negative criticism regarding my podcasts, I have taken some time to let go of my immediate emotional response, slept on it, took some time to think about what you shared this morning, and I am now ready to provide a “response” rather than a “reaction” to what you have posted.

    I am also very sorry that you found yourself wanting to scream at your .mp3 player. In the episoe, I shared on “multiple occasions” that, admittedly, my information on Google Plus is based upon almost ZERO research. I am sort of curious about why you continued to listen to the episode once I shared this information, since it seems so obvious that you were looking for a much greater source of informtion on Google Plus. There are shows like “This Week In Google,” “Google Plus Today,” and a whole host of other shows out there that claim to be the ultimate source of all things related to Google.

    I’d like to also point out two things here, that may help you undersatnd our approach to the topic of Social Media. First off, our network is called gspn.tv. The GSPN stands for “Generally Speaking” production network. We are not a news network, we are an opionion network.

    I will not argue against the fact that my holes, gaps, and lack of experience with hangouts are my own fault. That leads me to the second point that could help you better understand the format of our show. It’s the “Serenity” portion of the name of our show. We are “two guys” who LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. Who are ceratinlyl “geeks” and we also have a strong desire to make the most of the tools available to us to help build our brand or take our relationships with others to a deeper level.

    However, our desire is to approach social media from a stance of how can we incorporate social media without it taking over our lives. So many people are “addicted” to sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google Plus. They are spending all day long on the connections there and they are loosing productivity and serenity in other areas of their lives.

    For me, there are two reasons why I am not as up on Google Plus as much as I would like to be. First, I do want to wait till it’s availalbe for Google Apps. Had they said that “this will not be coming to Google Apps” users, I would have broken down and signed up with a personal gmail account earlier. Though, they did announce that it is coming to Google Apps users, so I am taking a “serenity approach” and saying… “I can wait.” If this is not a fad, it will still be around in a few weeks/months when I can create an account with the online profile that will connect with my Google Apps account. I NEVER SIGN IN WITH A GMAIL ACCOUNT. Google Plus’ integration with all Google services would be completley lost on me if I broke down on this.

    The other reason was that I’ve simply been busy. I am teaching a class of 20 people how to podcast from scratch. I do one on one consulting/coaching calls throughout the week, I answer between 40 to 100+ emails per day from my online community, I produce between 7 to 15 podcast episodes a week, includign Social Media Serenity, and I am husband and father of three who desires to stay physycially active through a one hour workout each day and that’s only some of the thigns that I have on my plate.

    I’m not alone in this type of lifestyle. As I shared in this episode, I’m VERY GLAD to have shared my honest and transparent initial reactions to Google Plus.

    Rather than leaving me a very public piece of criticism about how my information shared is “poorly research,” “wrong,” proving a “lack of experience” that is clearly “my fault,” why not, instead, provide valuable information in the form of feedback that says something like the following feedback that I received in my email inbox from antoher listener…

    {Beginning of Quote}
    This is for social media serenity. I think the post in the link below answers many of the issues you had with google plus in this week’s episode. Specifically about how to do a private conversation. See #12.

    What I like best about google circles is that I can read 1 topic at a time. For example I have 1 just for homeschooling people I follow and another circle just about healthcare management in another circle. This way I can follow a stream of thought easier than I can in facebook or twitter. This functionality alone makes me more active and more participatory with google plus than I ever have been in twitter or facebook.

    {End of Quote}

    Hank, I am not an “expert” in Social Media. Never claimed to be one. I am simply a guy who loves social media, who happnes to do a podcast where I “speak generally” about where I am in my journey of usuing it.

    When it comes to Google Plus, I am only going to share what I’ve had a chance to experience up to this point. I am certain that more thorough reviews of Google Plus will come along as I learn more.

    I suspect, however, that I will not ever be able to give the type of review that you are looking for, until I finally am able to set up an account with my Google Apps account, which is how I am logged into Google every computing minute of the day.

    Very Sincerely,


  • Thanks for the nice response Cliff, especially give my tone. Please forgive me for my harshness, that was not my intent.

    I forget that my writing style (in comments especially) does not always convey what I intend to say in the way I intend to say it. I continued listening because I like you guys. I do learn form you and hoped to learn some things about Google Plus. Yes, there are a ton of other locations to get educated on Google Plus and I am using those too. I wanted to scream because I could not interact with you while you were fishing for answers to questions about the site. I sense from listening to you for many hours via multiple podcasts that you are much like me in terms of liking things to be as perfect as humanly possible when technology is concerned. Your studio and the quality of your podcasts are testaments to your attention to detail. I so desired to help steer you get on the right path as I listened, and I hoped your co-host or you would find the answer to the perceived short comings of G+. I should have slept on it before posting my comment.

    Once again, please forgive my harshness. I will try my best to turn my negative comments into positives like you got in your other (quoted) response in the future.

    Hank O

  • Hank, I am extremely blessed by your response here. I completely forgive you for the tone of the original comment. As I said before, I’m so thankful that you are so engaged with our content that it evoked such a passionate response.

    I value the thoughts of every listener and take even the harshest of criticism into consideration when I evaluate what we are doing in regards to the content and community of gspn.tv.

    Feel free to continue to post feedback on information shared in our shows either in a comment on the show notes or by calling our voice mail feedback hotline at 859-795-4067.

    I do hope to that Google Plus will be available for Apps users sooner rather than later.

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