103 Business Tech Weekly – Dynamic Widgets And More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 28, 2011

in Business Tech Weekly

In this episode of Business Tech Weekly, Andy and I discuss the following:
– Amazon Buy Back Program – http://gspn.tv/8pa
– Andy's furhter thoughts on Ifttt – http://ifttt.com
– Dynamic Widget Plugin – http://gspn.tv/u21
– Andy's Omma phone adapter – http://ooma.com
– iCloud v/s Dropbox?
– QR Code Discussion – http://gspn.tv/qrcodes

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  • J.D. Sutter

    Hi Cliff,

    You can get a vanity URL for G+ by going to gplus.to.


  • I’ve seen that. But it’s a 3rd party service, not officially Google. I’ve just decided to create http://gspn.tv/google for now.

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