120 About The Church – Rob Shares His Experience With New Bible Reading Plan

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 14, 2010

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

In this episode, Cliff and Robert discuss what has been going on in their hearts and minds as it relates to faith in Christ and their involvement in the local church. Robert shares his experience with a new Bible Reading Plan that he’s enjoyed very much. We also get some amazing feedback from Dr. Paul Hambrick that is simply encouraging and uplifting.

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  • Just started listening to this episode and I’m really enjoying it. I appreciate the transparency and authenticity. Have either of you guys ever listened to The God Journey? It’s one of my favorites. (www.theGodjourney.com). It seems we’re all on similar paths and these guys (Wayne Jacobsen & Brad Cummings) speak to that. Hoping that once you get me straightened out, Cliff, All Who Wander (www.allwhowander.us) will as well! Keep it up guys! Live Loved and love well.

  • Thanks David! Hope you are off to a very blessed week!

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