244 Weekly Lost Podcast – The Package Initial Reaction

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 30, 2010

in LOST Podcast


Weekly Lost Podcast
The Package Initial Reaction

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In this episode, Stephanie and I give our initial reaction to Season 6 Episode 10, “The Package.”

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  • Totallyaddicted005

    Cliff, LOL I laughed so hard when you couldn't track what happened and even that DES was on alt815. I agree tho that they are going incredibly slow as I had expected it to. The only good part of the show was sun getting the English knocked out of her

  • Well, you know… one of our goals at gspn.tv is to be a source of Entertainment. I'm so thankful that I could make you laugh. ;)

    I agree, Sun getting the English knocked out of her was one of the very few highlights from this episode.

    Thank you so much for the comment here on the site!

  • Cliff, CLIFF, CLIIIIIIIFFFF!!!!! You're killing me!!!! :-) “Desmond was on the plane????” Last season, Mrs. Hawking said to him, “The Island isn't through with you yet.” Faraday said to him, “Desmond, you are special. You are special because the rules don't apply to you.”

    Desmond is important!!! How can you not care about Desmond???

    Oh, and did I mention… YOU'RE KILLING ME!!!! :-)

  • Too Funny! I keep trying to tell people that I'm into LOST for the pure enjoyment of being along for the ride. I am not one of those guys who memorizes all the details.

    That's why I do a podcast and ask people to call in..

    BTW, would you be willing to call in your feedback for the weekend show James?

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