250 Weekly Lost Podcast – Everybody Loves Hugo Review

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 17, 2010

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Weekly Lost Podcast
Everybody Loves Hugo Community Review

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In this episode, Stephanie and I share the gspn.tv community reaction to Season 6 Episode 12, “Everybody Loves Hugo”

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  • marshall1204re

    I was listening to your Lost podcast #250. It seemed to me that you all were struggling with the differences between the main timeline and the sideways timeline; especially those events that seem to have taken place prior to the detonation of jughead. The point of discussion seems to have been ignited by why Dr. Chang still had his arm when he clearly lost it just prior the the detonation of the bomb.

    It appears that you are thinking that time is linear and the natural progression is a “cause” precedes an “effect”. This is a natural conclusion because this is the human experience and it just happens to be the way things really work. Once you introduce time travel as a plot device or story element then time is no longer linear. You can develop all sorts’ scenarios where “effect” precedes “cause”.

    We saw in the season six premier the island was underwater. The main assumption that I am making is the detonation of jughead is the creation of the sideways timeline. Important note……. just because our cast of characters detonated jughead in the main timeline does not mean that jughead was detonated in the sideways timeline. Since I do not believe that jughead had to be detonated in the sideways timeline then the island ended up underwater for some other reason.

    Let’s look at some examples as it applies to our Lost characters:
    Oceanic 815 lands safely at the conclusion of its journey from Sydney, Australia….
    This means that Jack and company did not end up on the island for 100 days. The Oceanic Six was not rescued and Jack and company would not have felt compelled to return the island on Ajira 316. Jack, Kate, Hugo, and Sayid would not have become engaged in a gun battle at the Swan station. Dr Chang would not have lost his arm and the jughead would not have been detonated. Also, Sayid would not have shot Ben. Ben would not have been taken to Richard and the temple to be healed.
    John Locke would not have been on the island to skip thru time. He would not have ended up in the 1950’s talking to Richard. Richard would not have become intrigued with John Locke and he would not have visited him at a variety of times in his life.
    Sawyer would not have been on the island to end up skipping thru time; he would not have ended up in the 1970’s to become the head of security for the Dharma initiative.
    Since the above incidences did not occur then the catastrophic event that caused the island to sink could have been the reason the Dr Chang and family departed the island. In all probability they left together as a family. The same event could have been the reason that Charles Widmore and Eloise left the island.
    Also, with the island underwater Juliet would not have been recruited in 2001 to travel to the island to try and resolve their fertility issue.
    Through these changes in the past many other significant and minor changes would have rippled thru the timeline. This is known as the butterfly effect. Small changes in the past reflect huge changes into the future.


  • Marshall, Thanks for sharing all this. I'm going to put this in my show notes for the weekend show.

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