255 Weekly Lost Podcast – Across The Sea Initial Reaction

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 11, 2010

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Weekly Lost Podcast
Across The Sea Initial Reaction

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In this episode, Stephanie and I share our initial reaction to Season 6 Episode 15, “Across The Sea.”

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  • chinadollanne

    An Idea that just hit me, what do you all think; why this song keeps cropping up is maybe a metaphoric carry over from origins of island….CATCH A FALLING STAR AND PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET NEVER LET IT FADE AWAY…..pockets of energy, star energy, (dying star?), cave of golden light, leaking out all over this “island”, needs protection (“never let it fade away”)..is this a big hint/shout out”
    Another thing: Why does everyone keep saying that this episode has none of the major characters: HEY, aren’t MIB and Jacob kind of major characters??
    Why does everyone keep saying that this episode has none of the major characters: HEY, aren’t MIB and Jacob kind of major characters?? thanks! chinadollanne

  • Love the Catch A Falling Star / Never let it fade thoughts. Will share in the weekend show.

  • chinadollanne

    Thanks! I Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it! China

  • chinadollanne

    Hello again! This is chinadollanne. Sometimes I guess I get a bit
    carried away looking for clues, but it’s good fun! I quit working a
    few years back due to a disability (MS) When I’m having a bad day,
    I’m stuck in bed, mostly awake and bored. Six years ago,I randomly
    tivo’ed LOST when it first aired, and was hooked as soon as Jack came
    out of the silent jungle onto the chaos on the beachplane crash and
    lept into rescue mode (I used to be a Nurse, so I knew that feelin)..I
    have no one to talk to about Lost, which has been so frustrating!
    Then I discovered fan podcasts…over the re-watch Hiatus…I am a bit
    reclusive these days, & I haven’t really posted online before, but as
    the finale nears, it’s driving me crazy not sharing my cockeyed
    theories with someone! So here goes! Thanks for listening!
    Note; I grew up in the 60’/70’s, and some things in the show remind me
    of movies/stories I watched/read back then; so I checked a few online
    that haven’t heard mentioned online (though I may have missed them)
    that I think could be clues… What I found got me really excited, I
    think I’ve hit on something….Of course, this has happened before, and
    then I discover a flaw(s) in my idea, and have to let it go….But this
    time, I swear…..I warn you ,if you agree they are clues/answers, some
    might consider them spoilers of a kind, I don’t know…they don’t ruin
    Lost at all for me, anyway, and I don’t like spoilers…I know this is
    long (4 pages) but I hope you’ll think it’s worth it! So, For your
    consideration, online quotes about 2 movies and 1 book ;
    The Others a 2001 movie Directed, written by Alejandro
    Amenabar. Starring Nicole Kidman, – Christopher Eccleston in part
    based on Henry James' classic, The Turn of the Screw.
    “…The best comparison I can make of this film is to a piece of
    clockwork. Precise, exact, nothing is gratuitous or excessive…. What
    a subtle charm this film works on you as a spectator. The screenplay
    is one of the best of this genre I have seen in the last few years,
    very carefully revised and misleading, yet at the end everything makes
    perfect sense, not the mention on the second time you watch it…”
    (and there’s a reference in the movie to “the Incident” !? – but I
    don’t remember anymore what it was…)
    “The Others” –…
    “On a remote Jersey Island off England's southern coast …..”– Grace
    (Kidman), an astringent young mother living alone with two
    children……….There are odd rules in the house. Drapes must be drawn all
    the time, and each of the 50 doors passed through must be locked
    before another can be opened. These measures are necessary, Grace
    explains, because Anne and Nicholas are so allergic to the sunlight
    that they might die if exposed to it.The prepubescent kids are shut in
    cavernous, barely furnished rooms with exposed candle flames for hours
    on end. Lack of telephone or radio access renders the prison-like
    isolation queasily complete.
    Grace's overprotectiveness has left kindergarten-aged Nicholas (James
    Bentley) a clinging fraidy-cat, while elder sis Anne (Alakina Mann) is
    beginning to rebel against this severe regime.
    “There's something in this house! Something . . . diabolic!” …This is
    a haunted house movie, dark and atmospheric, but it's quiet and
    brooding…… but a waiting game, in which an atmosphere of dread
    slowly envelops the characters-“
    The film's events are such that I must not describe them. Even a
    hint might give away the game. Of course they are elusive and
    mysterious, reported by some, not seen by others, explained first one
    way and then another. By the time we arrive at the line “there's
    something in this house!” we are not only prepared to agree, but to
    suspect that in supernatural terms, it's as crowded as the
    Smithsonian's attic.
    [first lines]
    Grace: Now children, are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin…
    This story started many thousands of years ago, and it was all over in
    just 7 days. All that long long time ago, none of the things we can
    see now, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the animals and
    plants, not a single one existed. Only God existed. And so only he
    could have created them. And he did. (although it’s pertinent to
    Lost, I won’t tell you the ending- you’ll have to decide if you want
    to know).
    Movie The Incident (1967) Occurs Number 4 NYC Subway
    Inbetween subway stops, the hoods terrorize the passengers in the
    subway car., 4 The passengers represent a crossection of New York
    society. It is a film about ones fears in confronting terror…in
    allowing evil to happen to all around you and doing nothing to stop
    it. the thugs were able to prevent anyone from leaving simply by
    jamming the bum's shoe in one door pocket (one door motor controlled
    both panels on the entire side).) (again, although it’s pertinent to
    Lost, I won’t tell you the ending- you’ll have to decide if you want
    to know).
    See; free sound effects library for ;
    = Sound of subway crash It’s part of smoke monster sound?!

    “The Other” by Thomas Tryon (1967)
    Finally, here are are some excerpts from “The Other “Study Guide that
    blew my mind (holy friggin’ crap!) I read the book, but this says it
    better than I could —–you have to read before deciding what you
    Niles and Holland Perry appear initially as normal thirteen-year-old
    boys, Niles just a bit more considerate than most, while Holland,
    apparently the more strong-willed of the two, has a streak of malice.
    One suspects, however, that Holland's tendency to mockery may derive
    from a secret envy of Niles, who is generally more competent in games
    of skill than Holland and more beloved, perhaps, for his sunnier
    disposition. No matter what mean pranks Holland is guilty of, however,
    Niles never violates the code of secrecy between them — even when
    Holland causes their father's death.
    Certain odd facts suggest that Niles is more ambivalent than he first
    appears. Although he seems subservient to Holland's whims, he
    possesses a gold ring with the family crest of a peregrine falcon on
    it, which once belonged to Holland. He…..
    Social Concerns
    The theme of the Double is one of the most fascinating elements of
    gothic fiction, carrying with it a whole catalogue of literary
    conventions: the reflected image in the mirror or in water, the
    identical twin, the changeling, the dead who possess the living, the
    unfettered subconscious, family madness, the Devil. All these apply to
    The Other, which is a vague term for some possibly metaphysical entity
    which imposes its will on one's consciousness or behavior, a presence
    never recognized as a part of oneself, although psychologists may call
    it a projection of forbidden impulses, perhaps the Jungian Shadow.
    In medieval literature, the projected source of evil was often the
    Devil or the witch. Modern gothic novels are somewhat more
    circumspect, suggesting that devils are probably internal and human,
    perhaps devices for escaping personal guilt
    Like most gothic novels, The Other is replete with symbols and
    allusions. In one scene, Niles is trying to interest Holland in the
    constellations, especially the Gemini, those famous brothers of
    classical myth, Castor and Pollux, models of brotherly love. Although
    there is no direct mention of the story, students of mythology may
    remember that the bond of the Gemini extended beyond the death of
    Castor. When the surviving twin prayed for death, Zeus allowed him to
    share his life with his brother, both brothers spending every other
    day in Hades and every other day alive on earth.
    Grandmother Ada always wears on her dress a pin shaped like the
    crescent moon, symbol of the ancient queen of heaven, who, in another
    phase, was the death goddess. Niles scratches his cheek on the moon
    Tryon wrote the screenplay for Otto Preminger's 1972 film version of
    The Other for Twentieth Century Fox. Legendary acting coach Uta Hagen
    Literary Precedents
    The theme of two brothers or mysterious doubles as contrasts in
    temperament or moral nature is literally as old as written literature
    itself, appearing in the first written story of the hero (c.
    2500 B.C. or earlier) about Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, and his wild
    companion, Enkidu. Pagan mythologies abound with sets of often opposed
    brothers: Osiris and his murderous brother Set in ancient Egypt, for
    instance, or Ahura Mazda, ancient Persian god of light, and his evil
    twin Ahriman, god of darkness, both born of the androgynous
    Ur-principle, Zurvan (Time). In the Hebrew-Christian tradition, of
    course, the first two brothers, Cain and Abel, feature in the first
    murder story, and have many literary descendants, such as Steinbeck's
    East of Eden (1952).
    With the nineteenth century and the popularization of depth
    psychology, the concept…..
    (Once again, although it’s pertinent to Lost, I won’t tell you the
    ending- you’ll have to decide if you want to know—all three of these
    are worth watching/reading).

  • chinadollanne, Unfortunately, with all the stuff going on with the planning of the Lost Finale Party and the press contacts that I'm working with, on top of all my other content production and consulting work, I'm going to be able to go through and read this lengthy comment.

    Is there any way you could turn it into a 4 minutes or less audio feedback for our weekend show? The phone number is 859-795-4067.

    If this is not something you want to do, but would love the benefit of other folks from the gspn.tv community reading your thoughts posted above, I'd love to encourage you to register for our gspn.tv community forum at http://gspn.tv/forum

    You will certainly get some responses there!

    I hope you understand!


  • chinadollanne

    Cliff, thanks !taking time to answerre- I can see how you'd have your
    hands full right now! I'll work on maybe making a 4 min audio
    feedback(if Ican get up the nerve!). I'm also trying to register for
    the forum- I'm not experienced with doing this, I think I'm just
    waiting to receive confirmation…but it does look like where I need
    to be to get feedback,etc. Well,,,back to the drawing board, to trim
    down my thoughts to 4 mins or less..hopefully you'll be hearing from
    me soon!l Thanks! Chinadollanne.

  • chinadollanne

    Just a thanks, I'm now hooked in to the forums.

  • Thanks for everything! I can't believe that the end of Lost is almost here!

  • You're not alone! I knew you would enjoy it!

  • chinadollanne

    Sorry I can't come to your party! I grew up in Cinti,, I live in Bloomington,In but I don't think I could hold up for the whole party, as much as I'd like to, due to health problems…I want to make sure I conserve all my the not to miss any of the show on tv and online….But I hear I might be able to “drop in' online…I'll do that if I can. My husband knows tomorrow is pretty much my Lost day! I'll be kicking back enjoying it all.. I've been hooked since the first episode aired,,I can't believe it's ending either, On the other hand, I guess it it's best it's best to end the way Damon and Carlton want it to. It's been an amazing journey, and I'm so excited to find out what's in the final show! thanks for answering my emails, and I know your party will be awesome! Namaste! Lois Chinadollanne

  • Thanks so much for the feedback here on the site. Sorry our net connection didn't happen from the party. It was the only thing that went wrong. Did you see the video from the news coverage?


  • chinadollanne

    no I haven't- I will check it out, thanks! I'm glad to hear there was
    problem with the party connection, just because I thought I'd missed
    it due to my ignorance of how to use the internet for things like
    that. Lois/ Chinadollanne

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