486 PABL – The Future of gspn.tv Plus Membership?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 10, 2011

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Well friends, it seems that I've been facing one major decision after the other. In this episode, I am finally at a place where I feel that I can comfortably share what has been on my mind as it relates to the future of gspn.tv Plus Membership.

This show is exactly one hour in length. I recognize that not everyone out there has an interest in the regular content of the Pursuing A Balanced Life Podcast. However, I want to encourage everyone out there, if you enjoy any of our gspn.tv shows and want to know about some major changes that are just ahead for our community, you should listen to this episode.

After you get a chance to listen, feel free to leave a comment here on this post! You can provide audio feedback for the podcast by calling the voice mail feedback line directly at 859-795-4067. You can also email an audio file to feedback@gspn.tv.

Don't forget to tweet about your pursuit of a balanced life, joining us in the #PABL campaign.

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  • That is such encouraging feedback Tony. Thank you so much!

  • Christine

    I just listened to this episode today and I definitely think the way to go is the final option you are considering. I think open access to Plus Membership with optional donations/sponsorships in various forms is the smart way to go. I think it will work well for you. I suspect many like myself will continue to support you as we are currently, plus it will open the door to others who maybe would like to support you but $10 per month may not be what they are willing to commit to.

  • I listened to the podcast and it sounds like you are stepping out in faith. I see how far God has brought you and I know he is an awesome God. Even if this does not work out like YOU want it maybe God will use it to do His will. We know all things work together for good for those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. I think you have been called for this purpose.

  • I have a couple minutes of the podcast left but can’t listen at work. But so far this sounds quite interesting. I always wondered if people who were only interested in 1 or 2 podcasts would be willing to pay $10 a month. I wish you the best of luck with the changes.

  • Cliff, every thing you outline makes sense for me… I can see myself becoming even more engaged and connected with the GSPN Family – I can hardly wait for you to roll out the new plans.

    Financially I’ve been unable to commit to the monthly GSPN Plus membership – however… I would like you to know that I am able to make one time contributions periodically. Like now, Im going to email you and ask your your Paypal user email so i can do my part and chip in.

    Thank you so much,


  • Thank you Christine! I’m happy to tell that I’ve made the decision to go all free with recommended contributions that people can choose on their own! I’ll announce more soon!

  • Thank you so much Abner. I am stepping out in faith and I’m confident that this is the right direction. I’ll be formulating an official announcement soon.

  • Thank you so much. And to answer your question, there have been many who became a plus member who only listened to 1 or 2 shows. However, a majority of our plus members do listen to 3 or more shows. :)

    I’ll be making the official announcement within the next few days.

  • Anonymous

    Cliff, you are on the right track. A moment’s reflection is all that is needed to help you answer your pressing personal inquiry. Consider that the premier social media tool (e.g. Facebook) is what it is because it DID NOT charge its community thus, inspiring, GROWING a community. The net result: 500 million+ members. Same scenario played out with Yahoo. If your content is good, people will come. And when the people come, just as Facebook and Yahoo experienced, so too will the sponsors, advertising, and the $$$ come. It is only a matter of time. Hope this helps.


  • Thanks for the feedback Randy. It’s official… Check it out… http://goo.gl/zHVZ7

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