498 PABL – Making Difficult Decisions That Many People Will Not Agree With

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 21, 2011

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast

In this episode of Pursuing A Balanced Life, I share a recent decision that I had made and why I made it. I hope that this episode will clearly explain why I recently deleted a particular group from the gspn.tv community site. Since I made the decision, I feel a major weight lifted off my shoulder. However, it is still difficult to get over the fact that some folks will simply disagree with my reasoning and will have wished that I had done things differently.

In January of this year, I made a commitment to God that His approval would be all that I pursue to seek with the decisions that I make. This is a commitment that is difficult to adhere to when you are as much of a people pleaser as I am. With that said, I did not make this decision lightly. While this was not the “timing” that I would have like to have chosen, it was the decision that I was ultimately going to go with in the end. This episode will explain most of what has been going on in my mind about this subject.

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  •  Why is it that religion and politics always make people go nutty?  Cliff, you are who you are and your creative juices need to flow with out people putting it in a bottle. You call the shots, you make the call, you set the rules and let people accept or not accept it.

    People like you, and after listening to you for a while they feel like they are your friends. Many people know their boundaries and others want you to be their mama, but either way Cliff, do what you want buddy.

    Ning is a great platform, but don’t abandon everyone like I have seen others do. I have seen Ning turn into a bone thrown to a dog to keep him occupied. Keep the balance.

    I gotta back to my sermon senor. Keep flowing dude!

    Mr. Rene De La Cruz
    Pastor, Journalist, Videographer, Weed Puller.

  • Thank you for your very encouraging words! I have plans to continue to maintain my relationships within the community.

    I failed to share that going out to dinner or spending the weekend or holidays with my parents over the past three years has been A BLAST!!!!

    Interacting in the community site is something that I very much look forward to. Just happy to have removed the “work” aspect of it. :)

  •  I completely understand why you did what you did. If anyone is to blame it is Ning for not having such a simple option available for groups.

    Having said that I’m also very disappointed. I was enjoying getting to know other podcasters around the community. I have a phone call scheduled with another member hopefully tomorrow. Looking forward to talking podcasting with someone.

    GSPN is where my podcasting career started and it’s where I want to get to know other podcasters. This group being gone has damaged that for me.

    Again, I completely understand your decision and your reasoning is super sound.

    The trick would be for you to just be able to ignore that group and let it manage itself. That’s not how you work, Cliff, and I understand.

  • Cliff – this is completely your gig and you shouldn’t apologise for running it your way.

    I think some people occasionally forget this is a business because you pack such a personality punch and outreach whenever you can. The level of detail and commitment you provide on a complimentary basis equates you to a NFP in the minds of many, whereas you’re doing this not just for our benefit, but that of your family.

    I totally understand and respect your decision.

  • It is for this reason, James, that it was a “difficult” decision. There is still a away to build relationships with other podcasters. I’ve re-created the Podcasts Produced by gspn.tv Plus Members. If you find a podcast that you like in the list, you can check them out and there is still the “General Discussion” forum for general discussions about podcasting. I just hope to avoid it from being a place where people turn to me to answer their technical questions. I have environments for people to get such answers from me, both paid and free. But the community site is a place where I do just want to “Hang out with people.”

    So glad you understand.

  • Thanks Dave. You captured a very valuable truth here. Some people don’t see that.. They see the two extremes… “Cliff’s either doing this for no profit or he’s only it it for the profit.”

    I’m a man with great passion, looking for my way in this world to succeed in providing for my family and serving others at the same time.


  • This makes complete sense. I can see how there were two human behaviors that would make this type of group difficult for you (as it would have been for me):

    1) We want people to like us coupled with the sincere desire to be of service.

    2) It’s human nature to want the answer to a question with a minimal amount of effort.

    I want people to like me. I have a blog and email list and feel obligated to respond to everything. My list is short now, and we’ll see how well that works as I grow. But I can understand the pulling at your heart, that constant nudging to go look to see if someone needs help, to be of service. The idea that someone out there is hoping you provide an answer and then you fail to show up, is a weight on the heart.

    People (self included) see a community like this and immediately post something as a quick fix to find an answer. It’s the impersonal part of the web, just a nature of the beast. I see it in forums and communities all over. I’m guilty of it all the time. I want the answer with the least amount of work. But it’s still “work” for someone…

    And I too have mentors, coaches, spiritual advisers, etc. When I’m struggling with something, there are a few places I seek approval: God in my heart (a nudge of conscience if/when I’m on the beam) and a few of my close mentors, advisors.

    You have a right to reduce the amount of expectations others have of you. As we have to set of ourselves and others. That’s completely valid.

    The relief you felt says it all. Thanks for your honesty.

  • @jaredakers Jared, I am so thankful that you took the time to listen and understand where I was coming from. I am very delighted that you have joined the community and I look forward to getting to know you more as we move forward.

    There are big things on the horizon and I’m excited to share all that I am learning on this journey!


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