TCRS 635 – Year of Identity Part 2

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 12, 2016

in The Old Pursing A Balanced Life Podcast


The Year of Identity – Part 2
This week's episode is part two of my “Year of Identity” story. This is one of those rare times that I will tell you that you do not want to listen to this episode before you listen to the episode previous to this one. So if you haven't done so, already, go and listen to episode 634 first.

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  • Robert Gelinas

    For what it’s worth…

    I’m an avid Podcast Answer Man listener & customer (tutorials & equipment). I have my own podcasts and that show helps me stay up to date on the craft and I like to hear you think about podcasting. I hope it never goes away and I really like the idea of 3 questions, 8 minutes each. That would satisfy me.

    I’ve heard you talk about Pursuing a Balanced Life for years but never had any interest in the show, wasn’t my cup of tea…But I love The Cliff Ravenscraft Show! Just subscribed, this episode was incredible. I’m in.

    Aslan is on the move…

  • Thank you so much Robert. I’m so honored that you’ve subscribed to The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. And yeah, PAM is going to continue. May not be the three question format that was proposed, but could be. However, it will be more in line with the name of the podcast. I appreciate that you took the time to listen and to provide feedback.

  • Loved the update on how this transition is going for you. I listen to PAM, PABL and FFTH! I am a podcast listener – have never had a podcast (won’t say never will ;) but it was Pat Flynn who originally brought me your way. He speaks so highly of you and it was through his praise that I thought… I MUST check this guy out, not because I want a podcast but because of how someone I admired talked about you. So happy I did.

    I have followed you ever since. I am that person just like Ray, Michael, etc. that listen to you for YOU. I was thinking to myself a few weeks ago about how you run your Podcasting A to Z – it’s VERY hands on personal coaching directly from you. I thought that if you created a self-guided course myself it would be a great way to still offer those who need the guidance and education what they need, and not kill it. Glad some of those heavy hitters ;) agree with me.

    Let the podcasting branch (PAM) of Cliff Ravenscraft be one way to find you – just like FFTH is one way and PABL has been another. There will likely be other branches that grow in the future as we are all dynamic creative beings but they all come back to YOU.

    Can I be an honorary member of Clff Ravenscraftville? :) I look forward to hearing more!

  • Thank you Christal. You are already a full blown member of Cliff Ravenscraftville. :)

    I always appreciate your encouragement.

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!



  • Thanks Cliff wishing you an amazing weekend as well! :)

  • DreamBuilderFinancial

    Cliff, I am as big a fan as they come! As a Podcasting AtoZ student, I have voted with my wallet in my faith in you. I truly believe that you should follow your heart and pursue what you believe your life calling to be. However, I also don’t think you need to sacrifice all of your previous hard work to do so. I created a podcast episode and spent 45 minutes explaining to you how I think you can keep your brand as well as pursue the new Cliff Ravenscraft endeavor. Please take a listen, feedback is welcome!

    Thanks for everything that you do! Moshe Amsel

  • Moshe, Thank you for sharing your thoughts for a possible future for the Podcast Answer Man brand.

    I haver several mentors and business advisers in my life, even outside of my weekly mastermind group. Over the years, I have had a few of them suggest a similar path for Podcast Answer Man, where I start hiring employees and eventually take it to the place where that business runs on it’s own.

    You mentioned what Dave Ramsey has built. However, up to this point in my life, I’ve not had any desire to build a Dave Ramsey style organization or to do business like some of the other names that you’ve mentioned.

    I say up to this point because I do see how I could potentially shift my mindset in this area moving forward. In fact, that’s exactly what I told these advisers over the years, when they gave me that advice each time. I told them that I could see that as a possible future, but now (talking about back then) is not the time for that. For now, I desire to maintain a “solopreneur” style business. More like what Dan Miller is doing.

    If you are interested, you can hear my thoughts on this topic from August 2011 when I published episode 507 of this podcast titled “Employee or Contracted Worker” which can be found at

    I’ve been very intentional about every aspect of building my business to where it is today and this model has served me extremely well these past eight years.

    Yet, as I have shared in these recent episodes, I have been feeling that there is a greater calling on my life and that it may be time to think about new options and a new identity moving forward.

    Yes, I had “contemplated” breaking free from the PAM brand completely. However, as I shared at the end of this episode, and as you’ll hear in episodes of this show that will be released moving forward (I’m currently two weeks ahead on this show), I have decided that PAM will continue to be a division of Ravenscraft Enterprises, LLC.

    For now, that will be me continuing to run PAM as a solopreneur style business. However, now, more than ever, I do see a possible future where the brand of Podcast Answer Man is a team led by me, or even the potential that that team is led by someone that I hire to lead that team.

    I appreciate the feedback and advice that you shared in the episode. I even took some notes on possible steps if I should decide to go that route.

    Just a side note. You did say only one thing that I completely disagree with. You said… “Cliff, you suck at marketing.” I could not disagree more with this statement.

    I do have a mailing list that has helped me achieve every single goal that I’ve ever set for myself and my business. I have recently promoted a few affiliate programs for a few “extremely success” online internet marketers and I’ve been within the TOP TEN affiliates for three different campaigns within the past three months.

    I am quite aware that I haven’t even begun to dig into the full potential that is available to me. However, it’s not for a lack of wisdom and knowledge of knowing how to market things.

    It’s just that I’ve had other, higher priorities, in my life that have caused me to not take full advantage of those opportunities.

    I have been very intentional about what I’ve done and haven’t done in the online marketing space up to this point.

    At any rate, I do appreciate the advice that you shared.

    BTW, I’m not fully convinced to go the route you suggested. However, hypnotically, if I were to hire the person who is as talented as I am in the technical aspects and who does have the passion I had for that part of the business, but how has no desire to try to build their own business around it, I am interested in hearing what you thought about how to pay that person so that they have ownership.

    I did read Dave Ramsey’s book EntreLeadership a few years ago. I imagine that you’re thoughts will be in line with that. However, it’s been a few years since I read that book and I listened to the audio book version of it, so I didn’t assimilate as much from the book as if I would have with the Kindle version.

    If you had some audio of the recommended way to pay such an employee(s) in the model you prescribed, I’d listen to it.



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