070 Authentic Life Radio – The Future of ALR

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 23, 2014

in Authentic Life Radio

In this episode Sarah and Stephanie talk about:

– Kids & Hormones
– The Story of Henry
– ALR Goals for 2014

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  • Way to goThrivingMosaic & RedeemedGirl33.  Glad y’all will be doing a retreat.  I think it will be great thing for ladies and will grow with time.  (When it is bigger it may be less awkward for guys to be a part, but who knows.)  :) Not an easy step but a good one for you two.  

    You have a good audience, but I think there are a lot more people out there who can benefit from y’all’s walk with the Lord and lives in general.  Interviews with others will be cool as well and open up your audience too.  I think maybe do a once a month interview in place of a normal ep would fit well.  May be the 3 week of each month so that it is encapsulated by normal eps.  

    Don’t know your listener base, but I feel privileged to be part of your male minority listenership.  ALR is the first gspn.tv podcast I listen to each week :)  Y’all have great content for both genders.  You have a platform!  God is using you both and glad you are letting Him lead, challenging but rewarding!

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