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Doctor Who Fan PodcastThis podcast is devoted to the UK’s ‘Doctor Who’. Cliff has been a fan of Doctor Who since the late 70’s, the Tom Baker years.

From the time that he was a child, all the way into his adult years, Cliff would watch every episode that was aired on the local Cincinnati PBS station. This provided him the ability to experience nearly every episode of Doctor Who up to the early Sylvester McCoy episodes.

When they relaunched the series in 2005, Cliff was blown away by the fact that Stephanie actually took an interest in the show, as did their children. Together, Cliff and Stephanie attempt to catch each new episode when they can. Often, this is months after they are released in the UK. When they do get a chance to view a new episode, they often enjoy coming to the microphone and sharing their initial reactions.

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001 Doctor Who – Season 3 Episode 01 Smith and Jones

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 9, 2008

in Doctor Who


Stephanie and I discuss Season 3 episode 1 – Smith and Jones.

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