The Coke Bottling Process In 45 Minutes

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 1, 2012

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I just spent the last 45 minutes watching this video. I didn’t intend to spend that 45 minutes watching how coke is bottled, but when I put it on full screen and bumped it up to 1080P resolution, I simply got sucked in. Here’s the video…

As I sit here, I’m asking myself what am I taking away from watching this. A few things struck me. There really is no limit on how large a company can become if you have dreams, goals, and plans and robots are AMAZING and I’m so happy that Matthew enjoys playing with the Lego Mindstorm as much as he does.

Overall, I’m glad I watched it. It’s inspiring to see things that “work.”

So thankful that content like this is available on YouTube and can be shared in blogs like this. If you end up watching it, I’d love to read your comments in the comments section below.


@gspn Thanks to "watch later" I plan to give it a shot. Thanks.


@gspn I think manufacturing is so cool. Used to tour a lot of facilities. Mesmerized.

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BTW NatGeo and History are two of my fav channels. I also love Off Limits on Travel.

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I've seen it before. It is cool. I am a Coke guy anyway. I want one of those machines that let you mix flavors with Coke, but none are near me.

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