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by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 15, 2011

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To understand this post, you'll need to listen to episode 116 of Social Media Serenity.

  • erikjfisher

    @gspn and I are testing out embeded tweets, and Livefyre on Social Media Serenity here: gspn.tv/live

  • Good Morning!

  • klandwehr

    Hi Cliff now listening

  • @erikjfisher@gspn This is too cool

  • @timarthur Thanks for commenting

  • @klandwehr Thank you Kim!

  • Hi there!

  • tdrush

    @erikjfisher Your mom is commenting

  • @Cliff Ravenscraft Very welcome. Moderation of Livefyre is nice as well.

  • erikjfisher

    @tdrush Nice. She needs education.

  • SPNT_tv

    I might have to give Livefyre another try with my blog

  • akaByronious

    @Cliff Ravenscraft@erikjfisher Looks like its working great today! Viva LiveFyre!

  • @akaByronious I am so excited that it’s working for you now!

  • robogeek

    I don’t have newnewtwitter yet but had written a little command line tool (a few months ago) to generate embeddable tweets like this – http://nodejs.davidherron.com/2011/10/create-embeddable-tweets-using-simple.html. It’ll be way cool to be able to do it from twitter directly, so looking forward to being able to use it.

    As for LiveFyre, I’ve got it on one site but haven’t done much with it yet. That one site had previously been using facebook comments but that was not working too well.

  • @robogeek Thanks for the comment Rob. I can tell you that I am IN LOVE with LiveFyre. They recently fixed all the bugs that I had reported to them. Took less than a week for them to fix it all up. This service is AMAZING!

  • Cliff- I previously used both facebook comments and Disqus on my sites. I’ve pretty much switch over to Livefyre everywhere. I enjoyed listening to your livestream as you recorded SMS. I’m wondering if you’ve seen any uptick in retweets, etc since you started expirimenting with embedded tweets. Love what you are doing!

  • @timarthur I’m just starting to do this. I did it on Podcast Answer Man and I saw a significant increase in the number re-tweets. I just added it to the http://gspn.tv/sms116 so I will have to see if I see a similar increase there.

    My main issue is trying to have some margin between tweets. So getting the show notes updated with the embedded Tweets is a bit slower than I’d like.

    I could create an account just for announcing shows and use that account’s embed code. But I want to added exposure of my gspn account as well.

  • @Cliff Ravenscraftgspn I have also started trying this out on my posts and haven’t seen too much in terms of re-tweets yet. Then again, I’ll have to gauge it with new posts, as I applied it to a couple of previous posts.

  • matt_cowell

    Cliff: Thanks for the podcasts and your reviews on the new Twitter and the embed features. Also I am listening to the “Livefyre” portion of the SMS 116 podcast and agree that the “Real Time” comment feature is sweet!

  • DanielJLewis

    I’ve been considering switching to LiveFyre for a while. Thanks for the review in SMS 116!

  • @matt_cowell So thankful that you found it useful. I invite you to comment on any of our episodes in the future. Loving LiveFire more than any other commenting system i’ve ever used!

  • @Daniel J. Lewis Daniel, it’ official, I LOVE LiveFyre. They have a lot of features and functionality to build into the system. But the best part is that they are LISTENING.

  • Hi Cliff, was put on to you by Pat by Smart Passive Income. Just testing out Livefyre…

  • HorseConscious It still works like a charm!  Glad to have you stop by.  Be sure to check out http://PodcastAnswerMan.com

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