129 EOTC – Know God, Love God & Live The Life For Which You Were Created

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 10, 2012

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

In this episode Cliff is once again joined by his good friend David Foster. Together they talk about true identity in Christ. They talk about money being a good thing and a God thing. And they talk about the journey of knowing God, loving God and living the life for which we are created.

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  • akaByronious

    David stared describing The Five Practices; 1) Free your mind, 2) Take your stand, 3) Fix your focus – for the the life of me and after rewinding I am not able to locate Practice #4 and #5.

    Cliff, thank you so much for bringing David in to your show’s – he is a very “Enlightened Thinker” and has a incredible gift of communicating a complex subject in simple “Jargon Free” speech.

    That my friend was a wisdom filled episode!

    Blessings to you both.

  • akaByronious

    I found the Moo Out Loud – The Five Practices


  • christophermust

    Thank you for this show. I enjoy hearing you two talk and share.

    K, bye

  • akaByronious

    Cliff, I’m very sad to hear about David’s passing – I believe you two were just getting started and would have done great things together. Its wonderful to know how he has impacted your life and changed your outlook in such a positive way. 

  •  @akaByronious Thank you Byron!

  •  @Cliff Ravenscraft Hey Cliff, just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to your next episode of  #EOTC. I very much enjoyed  and benefited from  your thoughts on George Müller’s Autobiography in a previous GSPN podcast episode.  I believe that your just getting started with your EOTC message. 

  •  @akaTGIF  Byron, You are correct that I’m really just getting started with this show and the message I believe I’ll be sharing moving forward.   In my heart, I have committed that episode 130 of EOTC would be devoted to my relationship with Dr. David H Foster and how he was a great example of God’s love to me.
    I think I am at a place, now, where I just might be able to record Episode 130.   The great news is that I have an interview planned, already, for episode 131 and it is going to be a good one. ;)

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