218 Family From The Heart – Downton Abbey

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 19, 2012

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– Downton Abbey
– Computer in Matthew's room.
– Batman – The Dark Knight Rises
– CNMC – Dallas Texas Aug 29-31 – http://CatholicNewMediaConference
– I will be the Keynote Speaker that opens the conference on Wed, Aug 29th.

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  • Thank you Cliff and Stephanie.  
    Good to see all the rules around the computer.  Looking back at it I should have not had a computer in my room without strict regulations when I was younger.
    Glad you enjoy the new Batman.  I personally really enjoyed the first two and am looking forward to this one.  
    K, bye

  •  @Christopher Battles I enjoyed the first two more after having seen the 3rd. ;)

  • EdithSolveigNeuBaker

    I started watching Downton Abbey. I agree with you that it is a good show. And, no, I don’t agree that it is like or even better than LOST. I don’t think that there ever will be another show that will match the intensity, the mystery, the interaction, and the originality of LOST.

  •  @EdithSolveigNeuBaker I like Downton Abbey for completely different reasons that LOST.  It’s the first show that I’ve had this much DESIRE to watch and research online since LOST.  
    So glad that you have started watching it Edith.  I know that not everyone will like it as much as I have enjoyed it.  However, I’m happy to turn others onto another great show, none the less. ;)

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