219 Family From The Heart – GSPN Community 4.0

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 27, 2012

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– A movie we can't yet talk about.
– More thoughts on Batman Trilogy
– Some Zucchini From The Garden
– Community Leader
– Stephanie loves to be busy
– Community Cruise Update – http://gspn.tv/cruisetalk
– Workout updates
– Captivating Book Club
– CNMC August 29th – 31st – http://CatholicNewMediaConference.com
– Another Karen Kingsbury book?

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  • crunchycoach

    Stephanie – congrats on starting a garden! Watch out now, harvesting from your own backyard gets downright addictive!
    Cliff – from what I found online, you will be in Arlington, TX, a ‘burb smack dab between Dallas and Ft. Worth. If you feel like driving an hour and having the meetup in Plano, let me know. ;)
    PLEASE consider dialing back your exercise. How can I say this gently – I have listened to a lot of FFTH and PABL, and IMHO you are not healthy enough to be exercising to the point that your heart is racing. In addition, overexercising actually sabotages weight loss. It causes stress, which causes excess cortisol levels in the system, which causes your body to stop burning fat (a survival mechanism, I guess).
    I would urge you to think about pulling back to three days a week of jumping jacks, 20/time. You may want to sit down with a personal trainer at a local gym and get some more professional feedback on that.
    BTW I am rereading “He Loves Me”, and am finally getting the gist that God is thrilled with me. ;)  Also going through “Three Free Sins” via your recommendation – love it!

  • Your movie is The Odd Life of Timothy Green. There, I outed it for you. Forced secrecy for a movie that is already all over the Internet is stupid. Disney, I love ya, but that was dumb. 
    Batman. First movie in the Nolan trilogy by far my favorite. One of the best origin stories I have ever seen. Which is why i liked Dark Knight Rises because of the connection to that first story. Makes a great bookend. I agree the second movie was my least favorite even though it is regarded as the greatest thing ever. That overall theme of societies needing to be “cleansed” because of corruption and evil could be taken very biblically. Ie. Sodom and Gomorrah. 

  •  @crunchycoach I will certainly be doing a meetup while in Texas.  However it would likely be within ten minutes of the convention center for the CNMC conference.
    Thanks for the tip on overexercising.
    I hope that you enjoy He Loves Me as much as I did.  And Yes, GOD IS THRILLED WITH YOU!.   
    Three Free Sins was AWESOME.
    Just a side note, I released a new episode of http://EncouragingOthersThroughChrist.com yesterday. :)

  •  @davidajacobs It is dumb since Stephanie will be “Over It” before she’s allowed to talk about it.  
    I admit that the first two movies were more enjoyable (the 1st WAY MORE than the 2nd) after having the chance to see the third movie.

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