224 Family From The Heart – Tell Me About Your Crack

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 7, 2012

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– Frankfort For Shoes
– Ted's Montana Grill For Matt's 11th Birthday
– Waze Navigation System Replaces TomTom on our iPhone
– Texting Assignments
– No Space Camp
– Stephanie's Fund Raising Machine
– Finished The Hunger Games
– Renewed Focus On PABL
– Updated Shows Page
– Cliff's Trip to Texas
– White Collar

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  • I just downloaded Waze and will check it out.
    Your picture on the front page is good looking.  
    Thank you Cliff and Stephanie for this fun episode.
    K, bye

  •  @Christopher Battles Hope you enjoy Waze!  Thanks for the feedback on the photo.  Stephanie makes me look good. ;)

  • I tried Waze before getting the TomTom app.  But dumped it for TomTom.  It frustrated me that it was routing me to only make right turnes at my destinations.

  •  @xforce11 That’s interesting.  I wonder if they have fixed that since then.  Didn’t seem to have that problem when we used it just a few weeks ago.  Thanks for the feedback!

  •  @Cliff Ravenscraft Could be.  But when I was using it,  I had me drive 2 block down and around to make a right into my house :) 

  •  @xforce11 That’s crazy.  I think there is a way for users to go in and fix things like that. Haven’t looked into it that closely.  However, I’m certain that something like Right Turns only would have been fixed if it was wide-scale. ;)

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