287 Family From The Heart – The One That Did Get Published

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 6, 2014

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– Fun with school closings
– Year round school
– The episode that was deleted
– Frozen, the movie
– Stephanie's response to shutting down the Podcast Mastermind.

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  • Working in a school, I’m not in favor of year round schools.  We need the time to schedule, enroll kids, hire staff and more.  It is very challenging now we have 5 long term subs (maternity, retirement and switching jobs) and it is tough to do interviews in the midst of things.  But I see positive things if year round too.

  • xforce11  Thanks for your feedback.  Year round schooling would bring about interesting challenges.  That’s for sure.

  • troyheinritz

    FROZEN is NOT a PIXAR movie.   Frozen is a Disney Animation Studios film like Wreck It Ralph was.  They key point is correct because John Lasseter was involved it has that “PIXAR feel” just like Ralph did in terms of story and feeling … but PIXAR it is not.  Different production studios different employees but that is why Disney appointed John to oversee both.  Just my Pixar snob in me coming out.  ;)

  • troyheinritz  Actually, I made that distinction in “THE ONE THAT DID NOT GET PUBLISHED.”  The point I was making is that “in my mind” PIXAR is JOHN LASSETER and therefore with as much as he was involved in this project, it pretty much was a Pixar film.

    Totally understand your point though.  I made it last week, but didn’t want to go  into it all again this week. :)

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