303 FFTH- Goodbye To Spotify

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 3, 2014

in Family From The Heart

In this episode, Cliff and Stephanie talk about the following:

– Goodbye Spotify
– Late Night Walk
– DDP Yoga
– The new elliptical
– Fourth of July plans

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  • FredFirestine

    I loved hearing the updates about your new home exercise options. As far as yoga goes, I was skeptical about it when I first got into home exercise a few years ago, even though my mom was following along with a TV instructor back in the 70s! I bought the P90X workout program, and it’s in there once a week, which was something new for a weight-training program, especially for us dudes. I have found since then that it’s important to watch a workout routine at least once before you follow along, and that you need to give yourself a “pass” for the first week to learn the workout. Then you will gain confidence with it. As you mentioned, it’s also important to have some audio instructions when you are in a position that is not facing the screen.

    Have fun and keep getting “Better every day!”  ;-)

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