352 FFTH – Stephanie’s Purpose In Life

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 3, 2016

in Family From The Heart


In this week's episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie and I talk about the following topics.

– Stephanie was right!
– Spice Girls.
– Snapchat.
– Kids working out.
– Cliff's new hairstyle.
– Eddie The Eagle.
– What do you think your purpose in life is?
– What traits do you look for in friends?

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  • Stephanie I would LOVE to see your perspective via Snapchat or however. To be honest I think I have a very similar “boring sitting in the parking lot waiting for kids” life. I work from home on a business with my husband and I can guarantee *I* live a much more “boring” life!! My 14 year old daughter is in a similar situation as your 16 year old. Our daughter joined the gym with us as well and I now struggle to figure out how to mentor her correctly. Moms gotta stick together!!!

  • Thanks for sharing this Lynette. I’m going to send this to Stephanie now. :)

  • Kristen

    Stephanie, I would love to hear your perspective on things whether it’s via Snapchat or even a mini podcast of your own. I have a 2 year old boy and an infant girl and am a stay at home mom. Even though I know you’re not in my stage of life, I would still enjoy hearing more from you.

  • Thanks Kristen, I’ll share this with Stephanie. ;)

  • Holly

    Finally got a chance to listen and had things to say!
    1. When I was a teacher, I always assigned homework. After leaving teaching and becoming a parent, I have a totally different perspective now. Kids need downtime and should not have homework!
    2. Stephanie — the other day at my gym I overheard 2 girls, about 10 years old, listening to the Spice Girls’ Wannabe! I suddenly felt cool, like is that song popular again? Because I know every word and it’s still my favorite.
    3. I am not on Snapchat but I would sign up JUST to see Stephanie’s rants. For real.
    Thanks for a great podcast!

  • Holly, Thanks for the awesome feedback. I’m screen grabbing this and sending it to Stephanie now.

  • elaina moran

    I always love hearing Stephanie’s take on things. Her authenticity and realness is a breath of fresh air and inspires me to stop sugarcoating my actions/words and speak/behave how I really want. I don’t always succeed, but I’m getting better. Listening to Stephanie rant can be like therapy at times because she often says what I am thinking!

  • I love it. I’m copying this feedback and sending it to Stephanie for her to read. ;) Thanks for taking the time to share.

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