353 FFTH – Stephanie’s Thoughts On Teachers Who Constantly Complain, To Students, About Their Job

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 11, 2016

in Family From The Heart


In this episode of Family From The Heart, Stephanie share's a rant about teachers who constantly complain, to their students, about their job.

Also in this episode:
– McKenna's team wins first place in the Odyssey of The Mind regional event.
– The words we use and how a diagnosis can become an identity issue.
– The brilliance of Odyssey of The Mind.
– Feedback from our community.
– If you had a time machine for a day, what would you do with it?
– What three words do you think best describe our family?
– Make Good Choices.
– Let's get Stephanie on Snapchat!
– Snapchat Tutorial – http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/snapchat

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  • Katie

    Hello Cliff and Stephanie! I found your podcast about a year ago and love it! In this episode, you both said freedom was a key word to describe your family and I’m really curious to hear more about how you are raising your kids in freedom and what this means for you guys. Your family dynamic and approach to parenting is such a breath of fresh air. I grew up in a very legalistic religious background and as my kids are getting older and more independent, I’m finding that giving them freedom is such a tricky thing..where does one even begin to set limits and still operate in freedom? I’d love to hear how this works for you guys on a practical level and what inspired this approach to parenting. Thanks so much for the great content you offer!

  • Katie

    P.S. Please forgive me if you’ve shared this topic of freedom in previous episodes, since I found you rather late in the game. BTW, if I wanted to go back and listen to all the old episodes from the beginning, how would I do that? I could only find the most recent one’s on iTunes and your website!

  • Katie, We haven’t devoted a full episode to the topic of freedom, but it is a theme that has been woven into much of the content that we’ve shared.

    I think you’d get a lot of insight out of episode 341 at http://gspn.tv/ffth341.

    Every episode of Family From The Heart is on this website. You can simply go to http://gspn.tv/category/family-from-the-heart/ and at the bottom of each page, you can click “PREVIOUS ENTRIES.” This will take you through to episode 001.

    I’ll add your question, from above, to our list of potential questions for a future episode. ;)

  • Actually, I dug deeper and I found that we may have shared some valuable thoughts on this near the end of episode 317 at http://gspn.tv/ffth317. That episode was titled… “Growing Kids Our Way.”

  • Katie

    Thank you!

  • Katie

    Thanks a much Cliff! I’m going to listen to those episodes today–and I would love to hear even more about the topic in a future episode–especially on what’s changed and evolved in your parenting as your kids grow in the teens years. =) All the best!

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