038 Hunger Games – The Movie Review

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 27, 2012

in Hunger Games Podcast

Hunger Games Fan PodcastIn this episode of the Hunger Games Fan Podcast, Stephanie and I share our reactions to the movie, The Hunger Games.

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  • Wayne_CRP

    Katniss did shoot Cato in the book.  Here is the excerpt.
    It takes a few moments to find Cato in the dim light, in the blood.  Then the raw hung of meat that used to be my enemy makes a sound, and I know where his mouth is.  And I think the word he’s trying to say is please.
    Pitty, not vengeance, sends my arrow flying into his skull.  Peeta pulls me back up, bow in hand, quiver empty.

  •  @Wayne_CRP Thanks for the reminder. It had been a long time since we read the first book .:)

  • segovesus

    It was refreshing to listen to your podcast.
    I don’t want to disappoint Cliff but I think that there won’t be any part of mayor’s family story in the future movies.

  •  @segovesus I know.. It’s sad.  I really liked the story of how Katniss learned that Madge really was a friend.  
    I suppose the realization of the the uprising that she caught a glimpse of in the Mayer’s office was already taken care of in this 1st movie since the showed us District 11 starting to rebel after Rue’s death.
    But still, I really hate the idea that Madge didn’t give the pin, that Madge wont be brining her mother’s meds to help, etc. etc.

  • segovesus

    Who do you think will be cast as Finnick in Catching Fire?
    He will be 25-year-old and should look like swimmer :)

  •  @segovesus I haven’t given casting any thought at all.  So far, they’ve done an amazing job and I trust that will do the same for Finnick. :)

  • I enjoyed the movie.  After having read the book only a month ago I was paying close (probably too much) attention to some elements that I wanted to see.  I thought Haymitch could have been developed a little more.

  •  @jwilkers I guess it’s good that it’s been a year since I read that first book. ;)  Glad you enjoyed the movie though!

  • I am really enjoying the fan podcast. I just left a nice plug for the fan podcast on my audible.com review for the Hunger Games. I included your website link as well. Thanks for the community! Have a great weekend.

  • AriadnaQuijano

    Hi! About you not remembering about Katniss shooting Cato, she does. Only in the book a lot more time passes, and she shoots him after a long while because of his suit, which is like an armor… which in turn makes his death much slower. I think I remember they are attacked at night, and she shoots Cato the following day. But she does. Love your podcast!

  •  @AriadnaQuijano You’re right… Amazing how many little details you can forget after a few months.   So glad you are enjoying our podcast!

  •  @jaredeasley I am thrilled that you are enjoying our show Jared.  Thank you so much for giving us a plug, with a link, in your audible review.  Too cool!

  • AwesomeAlexa

    I LOVE this podcast!!! When is the next coverage on mockingjay coming out???

  •  @AwesomeAlexa Soon.  So glad you are enjoying it!!!!

  • AriadnaQuijano

     @Cliff Ravenscraft I am!! I’ve read the books twice now and I’m currently listening to episode 28. 

  • ericaz82

    I’m going through your mockingjay podcast withdrawals 

  • huon9nh1

    Hi Cliff and Steph, did yall stop recording chapters for Mockingjay? This is what happens when yall read ahead!!!! AHHHH…sorry, i just miss the chapters.

  •  @ericaz82 Me too.  Just been very busy.  Hopefully back to it next week.

  •  @huon9nh1 Have not stopped, just been doing a lot of traveling.  May be able to get back to it next week.

  • ggaby1014

    Hi Cliff and Stephanie. I was listening to family from the heart 206 and you mention the soundtrack. The soundtrack is a movie companion and not part of it. Just there to remind you of the movie. The score is the only music in the movie.

  •  @ggaby1014 I guess the Twilight Saga spoiled us.  Every movie from Twilight has a soundtrack and every song from the soundtrack can be found in each of their respective movies. :)

  • Wayne_CRP

     A song or two from the “soundtrack” is played in the credits.

  • MelissaBiemans

    No new  episodes in 2 months.  Really?  You were already off the air for all of January and February.  March was looking great, but nothing since then.  Sorry HungerGamesFanPodcast, I’m disapointed.

  •  @MelissaBiemans Very sorry to disappoint you.  It was not our intention.  Life is incredibly busy around here and well, other things have come up.   We’ll eventually get back to finish the rest of the book.  However, we can only do so much.
    Again, so sorry to have let you down.
    Very Sincerely,

  • eskunks

     @Cliff Ravenscraft Fingers crossed – I’m missing the podcast!

  •  @MelissaBiemans I completely understand your disappointment.  It breaks my heart to know that we’ve let so many people down.   At the same time, life has been so crazy.  I just spoke to my wife for the FIRST TIME in over a week, and that was to record a Family From The Heart podcast today, and I’ve been home from my NYC trip since Saturday.
    I’m done with my traveling until August.  I hope to be caught up on the hundreds of emails and blog comments by the end of this weekend and back to a schedule that will allow for more Hunger Games episodes.
    I’m so sorry!

  •  @eskunks Coming back VERY SOON.. ;)

  • I’m hungering for more Hunger Games.

  •  @spicedogs I’m thing within seven days there will be a new episode and hopefully a steady flow after that. ;)

  • ArinaFloriana

    I just discovered

  • ArinaFloriana

    I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and it’s amazing to listen to. You guys made me reread the books, and I am now seriously considering giving The Twilight Saga another chance (I stopped after the first book), just so I could listen to you guys talk about it. I love your dynamics and I love all the Gale hate. :))
    P.S. Nice cliffhanger! I have been looking forward to Cliff’s reaction to the next chapter since episode one.
    Now I have to get in line with the rest of the listeners and wait for another episode. It seems that I have no other option than to JOIN the community because I need my HungerGamesPodcast fix.

  • AwesomeAlexa

    Once again, I love your podcasts, but when is the next episode coming out? I understand that you are busy, but can’t you take a litte time to make an episode? (Not to sound rude or anything)

  • AwesomeAlexa

    Once again, I love your podcasts! But, when is the next episode coming out? I understand that you are busy, I know the feeling, but please try to get one out because they are so amazing!!! Thanks for your consideration! :)

  •  @AwesomeAlexa We’re trying.  If only folks knew how much we have going on.   Life has been super crazy around here.   We ALMOST had an episode last night, but we ended up attending a funeral instead.   Hang tight, we’re close. ;)

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