046 Hunger Games – Mockingjay Finale

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 15, 2012

in Hunger Games Podcast

Hunger Games Fan PodcastIn this episode of the Hunger Games Fan Podcast, Stephanie and I share our reactions to the finale of Mockingjay.

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  • MarciaF1991

    I’m so greatful for the podcast. You both are amazing and make me laugh constantly because I’ve read the entire series already and your theories (mainly Cliffs) are so out of the box. You should start that prequel now :p but I was wondering since you both love to read so much ( great books may I add) if you could recommend any other books that are as moving and creative as the hunger games.
    P.S. be sure you continue with the podcast with the movies! I feel like if mockingjay part 1 ends with peeta wrapping his hands around katniss’ neck, it would be perfect. Let me know your thoughts.

  •  @MarciaF1991 So glad you enjoyed the podcast.  Yes, we will publish reviews of each of the movies as they come out.  I love your idea for the cutting poing for Mockingjay part 1.  Brilliant!

  • Shellbeec

    Hey guys,
    I wasn’t sure if you we’re aware but there is a law firm in Nashville using the theme song to this podcast in their commercial.

  • @Shellbeec That doesn’t surprise me.  It’s a pretty popular Royalty Free song. ;)

  • nishimram

    I’m still waiting the review of Catching Fire movie… Please make the episode!! Youre so smart and funny, I listened all the episodes in 3 days and read the books before, waiting to here more from you about the hunger games.

  • nishimram  Thanks for the reminder.    Oh man… We saw the movie.  It was good.  However, we just never got around to recording about it.  Is it out on DVD yet?

  • nishimram

    Yes!!! And blue ray too…

  • nishimram  Darn.. So I have no excuse then.   Seriously, it was good.   However, I read the books so long ago, I couldn’t remember how it differed from the book.  Stephanie and I are in the process of getting one house ready to sell, moving into a new house, etc, etc, etc.    However, this is something that we will eventually get to.   I just don’t have an ETA.  I’ll tell her about our correspondence here. ;)

  • nishimram

    Hope you got a chance, cant wait hear if you did like the new peace keepers outfit this time!
    Thanks for answering so fast!
    I’ll be checking the podcast anyway… Thank you!! And Stephanie i had a great time hearing your theories and everything.
    Good luck with the house
    See you!!

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