116 Social Media Serenity – New New Twitter – The Awesomeness of Embedded Tweets – LiveFyre Gets Our Full Endorsement

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 16, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, Erik and I spend a few moments talking about the layout of the new, New Twitter.

As we were discussing the newly enabled Embeddable Tweets option, it occurred to us that there could potentially be a major benefit to embedding a tweet at the bottom of each of our posts that would make it super easy for our community to retweet a pre-written message right from our site.

We also spent a great deal of time discussing why I have decided to stop using the Disqus commenting system and why I am now using the LiveFyre commenting system. During the episode, I created a sample blog post and you can even hear the excitement that resulted from playing around with it.

Call in your feedback on our voice mail hotline at 859-795-4067. Or use your voice memo application on your iPhone to record feedback or questions. Simply email it to feedback@gspn.tv.

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  • golfwinch

    Pretty cool commenting system.

    Love the show. Keep up the awesome content.

  • @golfwinch Thank you so much David! I really appreciate that you took the time to comment on the site!

  • I love this new technology…thanks Cliff for all that you do. Still learning here, and loving every minute of it!

  • @JennSwanson I love it too Jenn. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the site! Merry Christmas

  • FuelTheMuse

    Thanks for letting us know the benefits of Livefyre. This was a very helpful episode – and I’m looking forward to your next one – your teaser at the end worked. I really enjoyed hearing you and Erik demonstrate the features.

  • @FuelTheMuse So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for leaving the comment!

  • TeacherMelanie

    This was the first SMS podcast I’ve listened to and I really enjoyed it! I’ve found a new podcast to listen to. I’m considering livefyre based on your praise of it. I’m leaving this comment to test using livefyre with my Twitter account. Thanks so much, Cliff!

  • @TeacherMelanie Worked great! I am so thankful that you enjoyed Social Media Serenity. It helps me stay up to date with what is happening in the world of Social Media to talk about it once a week. Happy to know that you’ll be subscribing.

    I hope you like @livefyre half as much as I LOVE it!

  • TeacherMelanie

    @Cliff Ravenscraft I’m very impressed with how fast Livefyre customer service is! It’s rare that one gets a reply directly from the company so fast. I really wanted a comment system with numbered comments (for future contests). This isn’t something Livefyre currently does, but it is on their development plan for some point in the future! Just thought you might want to know that.

  • @TeacherMelanie Thanks Melanie. They are super fast and I am happier each day with how LiveFyre makes commenting back and forth a lot more fun than previous plugins that I used.

  • It seems to me that if Twitter simply put “Followers” right below “Tweets”, “Following” would become obvious, because “Followers” is more clear than “Following”. The natural progression in people’s minds as they read the stats has “How many people are following the tweets of this account?” at the top of the the list. Therefore it should be listed first after the tweet count.

  • @WalterJohnson Totally agree!

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    (Cross-post between SMS116 and PAM240.)

    I’ve been trying LiveFyre and while the service is certainly fantastic, I found several shortcomings that are deal-breakers for me.

    1. No HTML support. Whenever I comment and link to posts, I prefer to do this contextually and intelligently. Instead of “Click here: URL” or even pasting what could be a massive URL, I use HTML to hyperlink something I say like, “You should _check out Podcast Answer Man_.”

    2. No formatting. As an extension of no HTML, I and my commenters are not able to format our comments with bold or italicization.

    3. Syncing issues. I’ve tested LiveFyre on two separate blogs and while the commenting has worked well, none of the LiveFyre comments have synced back to my WordPress database. They’re trying to figure this out for me.

    4. No subscriptions for guests. If someone wants to comment without a social-media or LiveFyre account, they can do so if I’ve enabled that option, but they don’t have the option to subscribe to replies, so they would never know if I’ve replied to them.

    5, LiveFyre email notifications to me, the admin, don’t include the commenter’s email address. So if I need to reply privately, LiveFyre doesn’t make this easy.

    I’ll be re-testing the top three commenting systems (IntenseDebate, Disqus, and LiveFyre) and blogging about my experiences soon.

  • @Daniel J. Lewis Hey Daniel, Jeremy from Livefyre here. We really appreciate all of your feedback.

    As we had discussed briefly on Twitter, HTML/formatting support is something we’re looking into, but it’s something we’re giving a really deep look as HTML definitely has its merits, we also want to integrate it as smoothly as possible to preserve the flow and integrity of the conversation. Definitely keep an eye on blog.livefyre.com and at livefyre as we’ll announce all of our new feature releases from those two avenues first.

    We are looking into your sync issue, it’s a unique one, and we really appreciate your patience as we do so Daniel. I’ll keep you in the loop on that as we make progress and get a resolution.

    The subscriptions for a guest is also a good suggestion. That’s another idea we’re still considering as well and appreciate all feedback on the matter.

    Finally, response via e-mail is another feature that’s on our roadmap. We hear you 100% and we’re working on bring that feature to the community as soon as we can.

    Again, thanks for the feedback Daniel, we really do appreciate it. Feel free to send any questions or feedback my way, I’m always happy to help and to listen.

  • @Daniel J. Lewis I think the biggest hangup for me is that the barrier to adding a comment seems higher than with Disqus (or WP default engine) where you just enter your email, name, URL, and comment – no account necessary. I’m wondering if you need an already established community like @Cliff Ravenscraft has to get the ball rolling.

  • And then I just read on their blog that Guest Posting Has Arrived! May be time for another test-drive…

  • @golfwinch I also like Livefyre commenting system.

  • I really really want to switch to livefyre now currently Iam using intensedebate

  • Thanks for sharing this information. I really like your way of expressing the opinions. I like your blog because your posts are very informative me.

  • Your work is very good and I appreciate you

  • Great post guys! Thanks! Well anyway, before, I used disqus but I experienced some problems with it, so I switched to livefyre which indeed is very useful! I made a good decision. Hoping that a lot more people will start to use livefyre, too.

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