022 Life Love And The Movies – You Mean You Still Have Fears?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 19, 2012

in Successful Life Mindset

In this episode of Life, Love and The Movies, Cliff and Tracy discuss the fact that even the most successful people will often struggle with fear of the unknown.

Cliff also shares the most scathing, negative, email that he's ever received. The purpose of this was to explain how, in the midst of fear and doubt, he was able to get through this by leaning into the advice and counsel of success minded individuals.

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  • KatieDavisBurps

    Wow. Cliff, that email writer is such a troubled, angry person and with way too much time on his hands. Do NOT waste another minute on thinking, talking, or discussing this. It’s beneath you. gspn

  • christophermust

    Thank you Cliff and Tracy.

    It was a good thing to hear about your guy’s fears as it shows that as you said you are people. Whoever we admire still is a human. It is working and overcoming and looking past/through fears and as Proverbs says, getting knowledge and wisdom.

    I have heard Dave Ramsey talk about the book Boundaries many times on his podcast, by Dr. Henry Could and Dr. John Townsend, to which I asked for it for Christmas. I am thirty pages away from finishing it and think how much it would have helped to know some of the stuff early, but on the other had how much further I will be for knowing it now instead of later. Sets boundaries, know who seek approval from, realize people will be out to “get you” for succeeding etc.

    Thank you again.

    K, bye

  • @KatieDavisBurpsgspn Yes, I knew that even then. This guy certainly had some personal issues that he bringing into our correspondence.

    That being said, there was quite a bit of truth to what he shared. He was just a total a$$ in the way that he shared it.

    I am just so thankful that I had surrounded myself with the right people back then. People who spoke encouragement into my life and people who saw the potential of where I was heading.

    I thought this was valuable to bring up here, in this episode, because it is something that that gives folks an idea of the types of fears I had and it goes to show you how important it is to not interact with folks who have such a negative mental attitude.

    I really appreciate your feedback. Trust me, this is something that is totally a part of my PAST and it “almost” makes me laugh when I look back. The only reason I don’t laugh is because I recently did some Googling to find out what this person is up to these days. I will not share any details other than the fact that this person “tragically self-destructed” Very sad!

  • @christophermust Boundaries is a GREAT BOOK!

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