414 Podcast Answer Man

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 3, 2015

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  • Harlan Meeks

    This episode was very inspiring. I think I’m going to do this from now on.

  • I am thrilled that you enjoyed this episode Harlan. What is your podcast?

  • Harlan Meeks

    Low Watt Living Podcast. It’s about living more energy independent. I use the word energy very loosely on the show. Not only does it mean electrical energy it also means monetary energy ect.

  • Very cool. I wish you continued success with your show as you work toward building a deeper relationship with your audience.

  • Harlan Meeks

    Thanks Cliff. By the way, I was just driving home in my car I thought of a show idea for you. The advantages of selling a digital product instead of a physical product. Sorry if you’ve already done a show about this. But it seems like a topic right up your alley.

  • I actually like selling both. I sell digital tutorials and physical podcast equipment. I’ll consider this for a future episode of Podcast Answer Man. Thanks for the idea.

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