117 Social Media Serenity – TweetDeck Has Been Neutered

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 23, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, Erik and I discuss the following:
– An update on the response to Embedded Tweets.
– An update on the response to Livefyre Comments.
– A few Google+ Pet Peeves.
– Facebook's Hidden Inbox.
– Twitter Brand Pages.
– Initial thoughts on the new TweetDeck.
– Facebook Timeline available to everyone.
– Why Andy is unfriending 75% of those on his Facebook account.
Here are the links to the article that Andy mentioned in his call.
1) http://gspn.tv/tfd
2) http://gspn.tv/adb
3) http://gspn.tv/imd

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  • Hey guys, I have a Twitter question for you. I’m personally more into Facebook than twitter. Recently, I decided to get into twitter more and I’ve been getting very annoyed at the fact that often times, when I tweet about a certain topic, I get spammed by people trying to sell me something related to my tweet.I’m afraid to mention the word iPad, because I know that someone will send me a ref link to get a free iPad. I tweet about the fact that I started juicing, and I get people tweeting at me selling me juicing products.
    Is it just me, or does that happen to you too?

  • LourdesWelhaven

    I think you are right on the money with your stance on FB friends. Thanks for being my FB Friend! Meanwhile, I love your idea of FB lists, but I’ve always hesistated because I don’t know if people can tell that they’ve been placed on a list or not….or if they can see other people on my list etc…any insight into this?

  • Cliff, I’m glad I could offer some good fodder for the show. I knew you’d disagree with a lot of my points. We all have different capacities for friendships and reasons for using Facebook. The answer to your question is that Facebook HAS hurt many of my relationships because people don’t like parts of me and when I share them they freak out. So, I am unfriending many of them. Kinda like the guy who posted the “Jesus isn’t real” article on Christmas :) As for your mom reference, that’s why I’m unfriending so many people. I want deeper connections with fewer people so I’m limiting that medium for those people alone. The part of this that I didn’t say in the call was that my wife was not comfortable with strangers (to her and to me in many ways) knowing about our kids. That’s something I have to respect so I’m disconnecting other people’s access as well. Glad we’re still friends..in real life and Facebook.

  • @Leslie Samuel I’m on Twitter all the time and it’s my number one connection to social media. I get what you are talking about “every now and then.” However, I use TweetBot on my iPhone. It makes it SUPER EASY to click their profile picture and REPORT FOR SPAM. This IMMEDIATELY removes them from my @Mentions stream. ;)

  • @LourdesWelhaven My understanding is that they do not see your lists. While I’m not 100% sure, I am about 90% sure.

  • @andytraub Andy, thanks for the comment brother. I, also, am glad that we are friends in real life. So glad that my thoughts didn’t hamper that. ;)

    I’m looking forward to our next episode of Business Tech Weekly tomorrow!

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