118 Social Media Serenity – Are Some Things Better Left Offline?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 29, 2011

in Social Media Serenity

In this episode of Social Media Serenity, Erik and Cliff discuss the following:
– Chris Brogan's post “Depression is an Offline Event – http://goo.gl/vcwqp
– Buffer App now has an iPhone App
– Bufferapp integrates with SocialBro – http://goo.gl/zoFBl
– Charlie Sheen Tweets Phone Number to 5 Million http://goo.gl/aUmgB
– Gowalla purchased by Facebook http://goo.gl/nJgGb
– Your New Facebook Status: 63,206 Characters or Less http://on.mash.to/vGQ37z
– Where Are Your Twitter Followers? http://TweepsMap.com

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  • TeacherMelanie

    How do you find the Buffer analytics? I think Buffer is a great app, but the analytics consistently underreport the activity for a tweet. I signed up for Social Bro and it had an excellent graph of what percentage of my followers are on Twitter at any given time (although it only analyzes your ‘top 100 followers’). I also thought it was interesting that SocialBro grouped some of my followers into a list called ‘influencers.’ I learned about some interesting followers that way! Thanks for the info on TweepsMap. This was a great tool for me to see where in the world my followers are!

    Happy New Year & all the best in 2012!

  • @TeacherMelanie I’m confused. You asked where do you find the Buffer analytics but then mention how what you have found there to be underreporting. So I assume that you found the analytics.

    I don’t think that Buffer takes into account the RT: retweets, instead only reading the “official” retweets. But I am not sure. I’m not really a stats person myself, so I don’t spend too much time thinking about such things. I just love that I can maintain a constant stream of valuable content on my Twitter Account(s) with Buffer.

    Can’t wait till they add Linked In and Google Plus functionality.

    So glad you are enjoying this podcast. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • TeacherMelanie

    @Cliff Ravenscraft Sorry for the confusion! My question was oddly worded. I meant to ask “What do you think of the Buffer analytics?” = ) Thanks for the reply.

  • @TeacherMelanie No problem at all. Thank you for sharing your comment on the site. I hope you have a blessed 2012!

  • erikjfisher

    @TeacherMelanie They are a good initial overview, but not the whole picture. A deeper analytics package would be nice to get from Buffer, specifically for tweets made from Buffer.

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