001 Authentic Life Radio – Poor Jimmy

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 14, 2011

in Authentic Life Radio

Welcome the the very first episode of Authentic Life Radio. This is a weekly podcast from Stephanie Ravenscraft and Sarah Rader. If you are subscribe to this podcast there is a good chance that you may either laugh or cry.

One thing is for certain, you'll be encouraged as Stephanie and Sarah share how they share are trying to live out their calling to authentic living through their weekly conversations.

Things discussed in this episode:

  • Who are Stephanie & Sarah?
  • What happened to the Full Time Mom podcast?
  • What this show is about.
  • How Stephanie & Sarah are different.
  • Sarah saved a turtle.
  • Thoughts on a YouTube Video Intro.
  • Getting Dressed vs Getting Ready.
  • I Do Not Need An Audience
  • Stephanie gave up soda.
  • Sarah now loves Coke Zero.
  • Call us at 859-795-4067

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