001 GSATC 04-23-2006 Worship And More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 23, 2006

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

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Welcome to the very first episode of Generally Speaking About The Church. For our first episode, I am pleased to have Alex Diaz join me in our in home studio. Alex is our Worship Band Leader for our ministry and is from South America. I thought talking to him about Worship and a few other things from his unique perspective would be quite interesting. After recording and editing the episode, I feel that I was right on the money with this one.

In this show we talk about the concept of being worship minded, about catholics v/s protestants, cultural differences in worship, and a few other things. Also included in this episode are three songs. One in English and two in Spanish.

I am just so thankful to finally have launched this podcast and I am eager to get working on episode number two right away!

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