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by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 16, 2006

in Musically Challenged

– Episode 2

Marty Shaughnessy
Life Is A Circus CD

Life is a Circus, Martys debut solo album, is already garnering critical acclaim. The album is a wonderfully creative blend of singer/songwriter, rock, and country. Growing up, my father was a big Country fan and I can still remember him singing along to Johnny Cash records while I looked through his album collection, recalls Marty. The influence Marty takes from that genre finds a better home alongside alt. country artists like Wilco and Red House Painters than it does next to traditional country artists. Life is a Circus has a free flowing and natural sound to it, striking a delicate balance between the aforementioned artists and rock bands such as U2, Son Volt, & Ryan Adams, yet remaining uniquely Marty Shaughnessy. This combination of influences flows like a river, carving its own niche out of a vast musical landscape.

Marty Shaughnessy - Life Is a Circus

Track/Songs Played:
05 Beneath The Sun
01 Life Is A Circus
06 Tangled
07 Summery
10 Moonlight, My Friend
12 Branches

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