003 BTW – Sending Large Files

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 21, 2009

in Business Tech Weekly


Business Tech Weekly:
Sending Large Files

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In this episode, Andy Traub and Cliff Ravenscraft discuss the following items.

Jay Carter called in to ask what options are available out there for sending large files via the internet.

We put the power of the community to work on this one. You can read all about the various options discussed by clicking here.

We want to thank Lee Andrew for calling with some audio feedback on the topic and providing a great deal of valuable insight on the topic.

Here is a link to LifeHacker's top 5 file sharing services.

The most professional option would be to use your own web hosting package. Simply upload the file into a temporary directory on your hosting server. Then you can create a customized page on your site that you can direct your client to. On that page, they will see the file thank you have linked to for them, a customized message for the client, and instructions on how to download the file.

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