003 GSATC 07-11-2006 What is a Cell Church?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 10, 2006

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

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I have been podcasting since December of 2005 and more than 7,000 people from around the world have heard me talk about the hit abc show LOST on a weekly basis. Getting to know me through the Weekly Lost Podcast of the Generally Speaking Podcast Network, folks have learned a long time ago that not only am I husband and a father of three children who works full time as an Insurance Agent, but that I am also involved in ministry as a pastor of Cell Groups.

Podcasting has afforded me an opportunity unlike any other to share my faith in a very practical way and when people learn that I am a pastor who not only watches Lost but also loves to play poker, they begin to wonder just what kind of pastor am I. This has caused many people to want to learn more about me and so they have listend to other podcasts that I have produced, such as the “My Crazy Life” podcast.

One term keeps popping up over and over again when folks here me talk about my faith and my ministry in the church. That term is “Cell Group.” Now I realize that most people are cluess of what I am talking about when I say “Cell Group” and so I have determined to devote episode number three of this podcast to just that topic! What is a Cell Church?

My audience is going to be quite diverse. There will be a few hundred to a few thousand non-churched, non Christian people listen to this as a result of our Weekly Lost Podcast listening audience. There will be some folks who are Christians who are a part of a traditional style church, of whom I hope not to offend in the production of this episode of our show. And there are going to be those who not only know about the Cell Church movement, but who are engaged neck deep in the cell church movement.

Please understand that my desire is to “Generally Speak” on the topic of what a cell church is. In no way could I fully explain the concept in a one hour podcast. However, I have decided to do my best with one hour to describe with the best of my humble ability to describe what it is I am talking about when I mention the phrases “Cell Group, Cell Church, or Cell Ministry.”

I would love and encourage your feedback in the comments section of this set of show notes. Better yet, I'd love to hear your thoughts in your own voice on our listener line at 413-521-0958. With all that said, my prayer is that you will enjoy this explanation of what a Cell Church is, “generally speaking.”

You can learn more about Cell Churches at these great sites:


You can view the power point presentation that I have put together from studying many other Cell Church presentations over the past 10 years by CLICKING THIS LINK. Feel free to download and change it to meet your individual needs.

If you want to learn more about the cell church, I recommend you purchase the book titled “Cell Church Solutions: Transforming the Church in North America. If you order the book from Joel's website, please put in the comments section that you heard about him through the Generally Speaking About the Church Podcast with Cliff.

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