005 SMS – Social Media Annoyances

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 18, 2009

in Social Media Serenity


Social Media Serenity
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In this episode, Erik Fisher and myself, Cliff Ravenscraft, share a little bit about the following items.

* Cliff is now using Hellotxt.com primarily for posting. Ping.fm is now a backup.

* Feedback about how Social Media Serenity could help find terrorism. ;)

* Facebook Goes After Twitter With Revamped Search Service (also bought Friendfeed)

* Google Reader Adds Social Sharing

* EMAIL FORWARDS – CC'ing v/s BCC'ing etc….

* Snopes and TruthOrFiction

* Masked, shortened URL's could be dangerous!

* Erik – Experience with hashtags at Echo Conference. #echo09

* Paratweet – Cool Live Audience Twitter tool

* Get your own facebook url at facebook.com/username

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