006 Business Tech Weekly – Google Voice

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 13, 2009

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Business Tech Weekly:
Google Voice

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In this episode, Andy Traub and Cliff Ravenscraft discuss the advantages of using Google Voice.

What it is Google Voice?

1. A phone number for any area code you choose
2. Integrated with your google contacts with whichever gmail account you set it up with (not able to have google apps addresses integrated with Google voice)
3. Vanity phone numbers are a standard – you can choose letters and they will find the corresponding number – 605-610-TECH / 605-610-UASK
4. Call forward tool
5. Voicemail box
6. International calling?
7. Visual voicemail box
8. International calling very cheap
9. Web based interface to make calls
10. Phone call recording for INCOMING calls only
11. Instant messaging tool
12. Call log – Placed, missed, received
13. Block callers
14. Create specific voicemail greetings for individual callers / groups in your gmail account
15. Send specific callers to different phone numbers
16. Create button plug-ins for specific actions – sends straight to voicemail, forwards to specific phone line etc.
17. Call your Google Voice # – call long distance number through that number

* Google Voice Now Makes Fee Calls To Hawaii And Alaska

Online Class that Andy will be hosting starting in November on how to use these tools for your business. Click Here For Details

Cliff's Pick of The Week: This week I actually have a “TIP” of the week… My client decided to stop the auto-play of audio on his website! Thank you for these great responses… https://gspn.tv/autoloadaudio

Andy's Pick of The Week:HelloTxt integration w/ Google Talk – Open a helloTxt account, update all of your personal sites through a simple message in Google Talk from your gmail inbox – Simple!

Next week, we are going to discuss the use of Skype.

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