009 GSATC – Almost Daily Devotional – Only If You Like Them

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 31, 2006

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

People will only listen to you if they know you LIKE THEM! This at first seemed to be a no brainer. Heck, I thought I pretty much liked everyone! Afterall, aren't we commanded to LOVE everyone? Of course I like these people and have their best interest in mind when I share my faith.

However, I finally realized that I only liked those who agreed with me, shared an interest with me, or at least validated my way of thinking. These people, I would spend time with. Those who didn't, I came to the very real conclusion that I didn't like them and I was utterly shocked to learn that I cared very little about them.

Now don't throw the first stone at me here. I'm repenting from this horrible sin and I'm struggling daily to change the way I do relationship with ALL PEOPLE! Have a listen to this podcast to learn more.

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