011 My Crazy Life 07-03-2006 Music-Faith-Live Chat

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 3, 2006

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

This episode is a bit long as I recorded it LIVE with podcast listenersss joining our show. I thinki in the future, I may actually put a few topics to discuss in the show rather than just let it go without any direction whatsoever. It was a lot of fun to sit back and get to know a few of our regular podcast listeners a little better.


Here are links to the music that I played:

Rain – Matthew Ebel
Close My Eyes – Mesh29
Gone Fishn – Grain
Take Me Home – Adama (Daily Breakfast 115 Story of Carlos)
Seek Your Face – Eric Vardeman
James – Barb Carbon

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