011 SMS – Take That Twitter Haters

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 29, 2009

in Social Media Serenity


Social Media Serenity
Take That Twitter Haters

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In this episode, Erik Fisher and myself, Cliff Ravenscraft, share a little bit about the following items.

How Selling something on Twitter gained us a new member to the gspn.tv community.

Tess wrote in to share how she actually landed a job directly as a result of using Twitter.

Daniel Lewis asked if it possible to download my original, high resolution photos from Facebook? It seems the only photos they have are scaled down.

Facebook now has over 300 Million users

People spend 3x more time on Facebook than Google

Facebook Lets you sign in with your Username

Twitter's Default Avatar No Longer Ugly?

Myspace is now a Twitter App?

Project Retweet

Real Time Local Twitter Trends:

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