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by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 2, 2010

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Virtual Assistant Podcast
Everyone is Hiring a VA

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In this episode, we received calls from two more individuals who have hired a virtual assistant as a result of this podcast. Have you hired a Virtual Assistant or are you thinking about it? Call and let us know your story at 859-795-4067.

I shared a few quotes that I pulled out of the “Delegate Effectively In 21 Days” e-course that you can find over at ContemporaryVA.com.

“When you learn to delegate effectively, you'll find more time than you ever imagined you had! You'll pass off projects like a pro and you'll receive them back completed and exactly how you want them to be. Spend your newly “free” time growing your business, enjoying time with loved ones, or relaxing by the pool.”

“Delegating effectively sends the RIGHT work to the RIGHT person who has the RIGHT combination of skills and time to do the job. For example, as a business owner, you're the right person to be building your business. You're not the right person to be doing data entry.”

“Consider that no one is good at everything, so you can send work that you're not good at to someone who is good at it.”

I also share how I ran out of my allotted number of pre-paid hours in June and how I felt when I got the invoice charging me for the overage.

Special thanks to Contemporary VA for sponsoring this podcast. This is the firm I, personally, use for my own business. I would not have had the time to produce this show without it making financial sense for me to do so. Their sponsorship has made this show possible. If you get a chance, thank them in any creative way you can think of. If you desire, this is the link to their contact page.

Please call TODAY with your questions on our voicemail hotline at 859-795-4067. Or use your voice memo application on your iPhone to record feedback or questions. Simply email it to [email protected].

Know someone else who needs to hire a VA? Send them an note with a link to http://VirtualAssistantPodcast.com.

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