013 My Crazy Life 07-13-2006 Announcements

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 13, 2006

in PABL Episodes 1 - 250, Pursuing A Balanced Life

My Crazy Life to change Format. Not just mine anymore. You might soon hear about Stephanie's Crazy life here as well. Perhaps even sooner rather than later if you drop her an email at [email protected]. We decided to share My Crazy Life rather than ask people to subscribe to YET ANOTHER feed.

Generally Speaking About The Church Podcast Update: Epsiode #3 was just released and there is a very important interview that is scheduled Saturday morning if all goes well. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Weekly Lost Podcast Update: I'm very happy with the Summer Review of Season's 1 & 2. We are maintaining a decent number of subscribers through the summer. I had the Crazy idea of going to California for the Season 3 Finale Podcast Recording. I've had two No. Californian's offer to put as much as $100.00 toward the cost. Who knows, this may just become a reality.

I'm looking for a program OTHER THAN FRAPPER!!!! Something that does what frapper does, only less bulky and slow. I need to see a representation of where our listeners are overlaid on top of a map. Any Suggestions?

What's On The Tele? Stephanie and I just finished watching the season finale of the 2nd season of the new series of Doctor Who. It was great! We have also just caught up on all the episodes of the 4400. This too is a fantastic show. And I've been reliving my childhood watching the Tomorrow People.

All this Brittish television has really got me in the mood for Brittish podcasts such as bitjobs for the masses, Insomnia Radio UK, Britsound, and my new favorite Digital Planet.

Other must haves for my Ipod are… The Daily Breakfast, This Week In Tech, and Diggnation.

Will I ever have the opportunity to podcast full time? What a dream life that would be!

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