013 Podcast Answer Man – The Look of your Audio Podcast!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 16, 2007

in Podcast Answer Man

One of the most overlooked details of setting up an audio podcast is the LOOK of the podcast itself. What I mean is that often times, the website that hosts your podcast show notes is the first impression someone will get of your audio production. This is especially true when folks find you through a search result in google. However, even in most podcast directories, there is a 300×300 image that can be used to display the logo or promotional graphic of your podcast.

In this episode, I interview the person who has been very helpful with the design work of much of what has been taking place with gspn.tv. Kim Fenolio is a great person to work with when it comes to graphic design. Kim recently started working for herself and has launched her business online at www.KimFenolio.com. If you are in need of some graphic design work, please do check out the work she does and the reasonable costs of doing business with her.

Here is one example of what I talked about in the podcast:

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