014 Lost Podcast 03-17-2006 Favorites Week – 413-521-0958

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 18, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

Lost Podcast: Call Our Listener Line – 413-521-0958. Favorites Week!

Show Notes:

This week we discussed some of our favorites. We played clips from all the latest Emily & Michelle tv interviews. We talk about a few news items such as, “Popularity of show LOST on Rousseau,” “LOST STAR FINDS NEW GIG,” and we take your listener feedback.

Special thanks to Chef Mark of the Remarkable Pallet Podast in NY, Trevor from the Scribe Music Show Podcast, and Father Roderick from the Daily Bread Podcast. Each of them played our Promo for the Weekly Lost Edition of Generally Speaking.

This week, Rem, Erik, and I found yet even more people on the island. MORE CHILDREN! You don't want to miss our “On The Island” segment this week!

Kim brings us the results of this week's Trivia Contest!

Generally Speaking Podcast Update:

Listener Line Fiasco: We tried moving to a voicemail line with Skype and it totally failed! Their server lost over 20 voicemails called in this week! Needless to say, I was not very happy. Therefore, I've decided to stick with the listener line that we've been using. If donations pick up, I will be sure to pay the $15.00 per month for the upgraded service where I can change to a custom greeting.

Special Thanks to Melissa Dixon! She is responsible for all the good looking graphical improvements to Generally Speaking.

Lost Spoiler!!!



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