015 GSATC – Why I Hate The church – Part 02

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 17, 2006

in Encouraging Others Through Christ

Many Christians, ‘Think Inside the Box'

‘Thinking Inside the Box' means accepting the status quo. And such thinkers find it difficult to recognize the quality of an idea, and are usually people who have no radical ideas that they are willing to share with others. In fact the ‘In the Box' thinkers are skillful at killing new ideas. They are masters of the ‘put-down' and such thinkers often cause the enthusiasm of those who are trying to ‘Think Outside the Box' to wane.

The above statement was emailed to me by one of our podcast listeners and a man who is quickly become a friend through our emailed communications. This episode, part 2 in our series “Why I Hate The church,” was recorded before Richard had emailed me the statement above. And since I am just posting this episode in the feed, he had sent it to me before he had even heard what I was about to share in this episode. What is funny is that I had talked specifically about how the church is quick to put down new ideas and kill the passion of people who are excited about using their spiritual gifts to serve the Church.

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