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by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 25, 2006

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Lost Podcast: Call Our Listener Line – 413-521-0958. The Whole Truth! Or Was It?

Show Notes:

This is our March 24th, 2006 Edition of the show and this week we discussed the newest episode of lost tilted “The Whole Truth.” We start off by breaking the show down by plot line to discuss our reactions and share with you the insights and hidden clues if any that we found in the show. We take a few moments to talk about news stories relating to Lost. Rem, Erik, Cliff, and who knows who else have been stuck on the island and this week we bring you the final installment of the Generally Speaking Original “Hiatus On The Island” Conclusion. You don’t want to miss the Original Sawyer Nickname Skat Song.

We talk about the Sun/Jin back story and on island relationship. Is this a miracle? Is this Michael’s baby? What’s up with Sun getting pregnant?

Dr. Bruder, our Tabloid News Reporter gives us a breaking news alert, explaining that everyone is starting to stake their claims on the island.

Cliff shares the bickering between the three married couples on the island? Don’t know who the third couple is? Just listen to this episode.

Just Matt wrote in our forum… Check this out! The pregnancy test is manufactured by Widmore Labs, remember in Fire + Water we were told that the Widmore Construction sign would be of importance later in the show.

What’s up Sun, a pregnant chick turning down a candy bar?

Cliff apologizes for going edit crazy on Stephanie last week.

Got Milk? Brilliant!

News Items. Fate helped Evangeline Lilly find Lost? Lost Series Praised by Hawaii Senate. Naveen Andrews predicts short run for Lost!

Listener Feedback

On The Island Segment – The Conclusion!

Top Ten List with Trevor – Well Sort Of!

Trivia Contest Results – Thanks Kim!

Podcast Update: Thanks to Kerstin K. & Mark C for their donations to our show this week. Cliff begs for money (I'm just kidding!). And we are not sure if it is an error, but libsyn reports 11,000 downloads of last week’s podcast. As soon as we find out if May 24th or May 7th is the season finale, we will start working on our Summer Review of Season 1 & 2 viewing schedule.

Please check out the My Crazy Life Edition of Generally Speaking.

Stay tuned after the exit theme for a few spoiler calls, additional listener feedback, and a few short outtakes.


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