016 Help iGot A Mac! New Leopard Release!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 11, 2008

in Help I Got A Mac

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News: Leopard OSX v10.5.2 – Came out tonite, 180MB to go from 10.5.1. to 10.5.2 – took a LONG time to patch, had to reboot twice, came up… works fast. Chris will share his thumbnail feelings… You can turn off Transparent Menu Bar – seems a little snappier – new icon for timemachine in menu bar. With all bug fixes, now is a good time to buy Leopard!

New iPhone is now available! 16gigs!

Booting up the Startup Manager – Hold the Option key during OS X's boot to run the Startup Manager, a graphical tool from which you can select the volume you want to boot. If you're a Boot Camp user, you can choose Windows from here, but you can also boot from external hard drives, thumb drives (perfect for installing Leopard from a disk image), or even network drives.

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