018 Lost Podcast 04-15-06 SOS – 413-521-0958

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 15, 2006

in Weekly Lost Podcast

Lost Podcast: This podcast is regarding the episode of Lost titled SOS. Stephanie and I both really enjoyed this episode. There was confirmation that the island does have the ability to heal people. We find out that Gale, or whatever his name is, knows about Walt.

We tried something new this week, recording our thoughts immediately after viewing the episode. It was fun and we feel a lot better about this episode. We want to invite you to join our lost forum at www.ravenscraft.org/lostforum to vote in our listener polls.

We did try to record the listener feedback segment while the kids were awake. We wont do that again!

Over All, I think this is one of our best podcasts to date!

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