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by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 11, 2009

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Doctor Anonymous

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In the spirit of perfect timing, I'm posting episode 019 of the Community Voice Podcast, featuring a friend who simply goes by “Doctor Anonymous” today.

The reason I mention the “perfect timing” aspect of this is due to the fact that I interviewed Dr. A back on December 31st, 2008 during our 24 hour podcast marathon. Without any change to the release schedule for this show, it just so happens that today is the day that I had anticipated posting this interview.

The ironic thing is that I am being interviewed by him, this evening, for “The Doctor Anonymous Show.” The interview will be done live on Blog Talk Radio at 9pm Eastern Time and you can listen in live by clicking here at that time.

Enjoy this interview with Dr. A and if you are free this evening, it would be great to have you join us during tonight's live interview.

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